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Quench Your Thrist

I look really creepy in most these photos that I, myself, am being terrified by my look in these shots. My dark circles even cooperated in this halloween theme. HAHAHA

I've finally conquered my fear of wearing all back and wearing striking red lips! I've always felt like I'm mourning whenever I wear all black. IDK, I've always been afraid of all black coordinate. But ageing made me realize it's all just classy! 

Same with red lips. I think I really look mature when I'm wearing red lips? I almost cannot recognize myself whenever I wear red lippies! Just so not me. But halloween is an exception!!!

Special thankies to my brotha from anotha motha, Paul Echano, for tagging along with me just to take these OOTD photos! Hihi

Quench your thirst...

Paul and I were all weirded out when almost all the people we bumped into, always say 'MEOW' to us! Hahaha both creepy and funny. All because of my necklace!

Bracelets from Bonita Y Elegante. Been addicted to mid-finger rings lately! There are still more mid-finger rings on my online shop, KawaiiYen Shop! Visit us on Facebook and Instagram! ;)

My now black boots. It used to be brown! Got it painted. Now I look like I have a new shoes! lol

BOO! [¬º-°]¬

Dress: H&M
Rucksack: Japan
Necklace: Forever21
Boots: Thrifted

Photography by PAUL ECHANO


Osaka Japan April 2014 (Universal Studios Japan)

Obligatory photo at the Universal Studios Globe Fountain! ^_^

So today.. I'm going to bring you to Universal Studios Japan~!!! ..but before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening! (yea, boo for that, right?!) Because unfortunately, it's still not open when we visited USJ last April. And yes, I'm still not done with my Japan April 2014 series! Haha. I've been back to Japan this month, and yet, I'm still not done with this. So yeah, to keep up, I'll keep this post short. More like a photo-diary with short description? Hihi. So let's start, shall we? *wink*

Pigeon says: "Jamie's using a prime lens in these photos so please excuse the tight framing! And it's not allowed to take pictures inside the attractions, so you'll be just enjoying photos from the outside of the rides in this post. Quack! Oops, I don't quack..."

Our first roller-coaster ride! This one's one of my favorite. Seeing the space while having adrenaline because of the ride is such an awesome and magical experience!

New York feels! 

Felt like I'm in the set of HIMYM on these streets. lol

Terminator 2 in 3D was awesome too! I really enjoyed the energetic actors playing their roles in the Terminator movie. Though, I cannot understand anything in the story because it's all in Japanese! Haha. This is really thrilling and surprising, especially the explosion part!

Street performers show up out of nowhere! So fun to watch, even though I don't understand what they were singing. Mehe~

Style spotting right here. Ugh, so stylish Japanese people even in the back view! lol

Inside the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. So many vintage stuffff~! One of the best rides in the USJ too! Imagine falling off the building and being saved by Spidey! Hihihi

This taxi! OMG I wish I had my picture taken in this vintage taxi too~

Snoopy for snack, anyone?

We also rode Jaws, but I don't have much photos because they're so strict with no photo policy huhu. I also got to bump into the legend Jet Pangan there! Our photo is on my Instagram! Haha

Our last ride. We got really wet in this ride! Haha

You cannot not have a photo of Mel's Drive whenever you visit Universal Studios! ^_^

Sunset in the USJ..

We were also lucky to catch the Magical Starlight Parade at night! Hello there Hello Kitty! That is not a cat!

And oh, Cinderella! It was really magical! My eyes were sparkling all night! Hihi

USJ sparkles at night to end this post! Hope you enjoyed my photos! More, more, more Japan trip photos soon! ^_^

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UNICORN~!!! Who wouldn't go cray cray for this shirt that I'm wearing?! Thanks to Elle Poupée for sending me this super kawaii unicorn shirt! They also told me that I'm the official model for this shirt design. So double YAY for that! o(^▽^)o

First outfit shoot since I got back from Japan! And much of a hangover of Japan, I've decided to have this outfit Tokyo Fashion-inspired! Well, with lesser kawaii accessories. lol I still don't have the guts to go full Harajuku on my outfits. I've seen how the Japanese people, especially the ones in Harajuku, dress up. And if you'd seen them too, you'd know I'd be embarrassed to call this Tokyo fashion. LOL just Tokyo fashion-inspired maybe!

As what I've observed in Tokyo fashion (both by seeing them personally and religiously stalking, they do like unexpected layerings, play with colors, beanies, kawaii socks, and platform shoes. Hence, this look.

Elle Poupée sent me this rad beanie too!

Elle Poupee is a shop for girly and cute trends. Elle is a french word that means "she", while Poupee means "doll". Together, It means "she's a doll!"

An online shop granting every girl's dreams. Their products can hopefully bring out the little princess in you and satisfy your cravings for fashion and style. Elle Poupee offers a wide range of accessories (from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets). They also now sell kawaii shirts, like what I'm wearing!

Here's the Unicorn Shirt I've been obsessing with since the day I got it! Elle Poupée's very own design! They have lots of kawaii designs. They even have a Totoro shirt! You can be kawaii even with just a simple shirt! If you'd like to order this unicorn shirt I'm wearing, you can reach Elle Poupée on their Facebook page or Instagram.

New favorite rucksack my mom bought at a recycle shop (like an 'ukay-ukay' here in the Ph) in Japan for 300yen only! Unfortunately, I wasn't around when she went to that recycle shop! I would've hoard all the adorbs Japan stuff there! HAHA

And hey! On the other note, my online shop Yen's Butingthings is back! And it's now carrying a new name, KawaiiYen Shop PH! Your online store of kawaii stuff and beauty products from Japan! And we're now on Instagram too! Please do follow us @kawaiiyenshop.

I recently uploaded Forever21 Rings Collection and Japan Brand Watches Collection. Both of the items I'm wearing in the photo above are from KawaiiYen! ^_^

Sheer socks are such a big trend in Japan right now! And of course, we have them on KawaiiYen Shop too! Our Kawaii Socks Collection are priced from P100-P120 only. So affordable, right? We also have socks from one of the most loved brands in Japan, WEGO.

And Tokyo fashion wouldn't be complete without a platform shoes, right? Got mine from OASAP!

I've made a separate post for the necklace and earrings I'm wearing here! SHOP TO LOVE: Rings & Tings

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay kawaii, people! xo

Shirt: Elle Poupée
Beanie: Elle Poupée
Sneakers: OASAP
Rucksack: Japan
Earrings & Necklace: Rings & Tings

Photos taken by Lou Sanchez | Processed by yours truly


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