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Color Splash Run @ Naga City!

Havaianas shares its positive energy, fun, and colors to 6 charitable organizations in Naga City through the Color Splash Run on December 6, 3pm at the Avenue Plaza Hotel (starting point) and SM City Naga (finish line)!

It's an event that will let us experience the most colorful way of giving back! Participants will go through six “color-dousing stations” representing six charities as the beneficiaries of this event. A mini concert featuring local DJs and Zumba party will await participants at the finish line, where there will also be “color splash” in celebration of the solidarity of community, support to charities, and vibrant & festive Havaianas spirit!

TOP 3 Runners (Men and Women) will win awesome prizes from Havaianas! The runners are encouraged to sport their most colorful get-up for a chance to win a special prize courtesy of The Avenue Plaza Hotel (overnight stay for 2) and Olympia Gym (one month membership).

 *Tip: The jersey shirt on the event will be white, so it'll be easier for you to style that right? Be sure that your outfit's still comfy for you to move and run! Function first before fashion!* I'd also suggest wearing eye-protective glasses! We don't want color powders in our eyes, do we? ;)

The colorful fun run will benefit the following organizations:
The most amazing feeling in the world is having fun and being able to help others. That's why I'm sure this will be an amazing and fun event! The most colorful way to give back, indeed!

Registration is only Php350, inclusive of jerseys shirt. You can register at All Flip Flops, SM City Naga or call 472-1218 / 472-0384 / (+63)998-982-8274.

See you on December 6th, 3pm and together we'll splash colors to others' lives! *metaphorically and literally, hihi*

Wild&Young Magazine Feature: All I Want for Christmas is Snow

My second feature on Wild & Young Magazine! *YAY* Last issue, I featured a total autumn look for you, but this time, they asked me to do an outfit that would be perfect for winter!

Though we don’t actually have winter here in the Philippines, it’s my dream experience AND dress up for winter! Haha talk about every fashionista's dreams... Oh, the unlimited possibilities of styling and layering! 

We actually have various stores here in the Philippines that sells winter clothes (though we don’t have that season). The perfect store to shop F/W clothes is on thrift stores. People here don’t actually prioritize on buying sweaters and boots, so you can usually take first dibs on them or still find them available even it's time for a clearance sale!

I've had this dress for quite a long time now, preparing to be worn on my travels during the cold season. I so love the texture and the print! The color combination gray, black and red, I think, is very classy and appealing. These colors are also very in this winter!

Everyone loves plaid, including me! That's why I'm happy that mad plaid is still on even this winter!

A cozy beret is a necessity during winter! I got mine from Japan last month, and I'm actually also selling them on my online shop! Visit KawaiiYen Shop PH to order this beret similar to what I am wearing.

And of course, adding a hint of kawaii on my outfit with this adorable cat thigh-high socks!

One of my favorite boots! Would you believe I just got this on a thrift store? Just what I told you, you can usually get first dibs on bootsies in the thrift stores here in the Ph!

Addicted to mid-finger rings lately! Got mine from Forever 21. I'm also selling some on my online shop, KawaiiYen Shop PH.

Wild & Young Magazine is a Spanish Magazine about fashion, culture and lifestyle based in Madrid. Published in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Click here or the photo above to browse the November Issue of Wild & Young Magazine!

Here's a preview of my feature in the Wild & Young Magazine! I'm on pages 36-45! Be sure to check it out! I really enjoyed flipping all the pages, a lot of interesting features, tho mostly are written in Spanish and Portugese! Hihi.

Dress, Coat, Boots: Thrifted
Beret: KawaiiYen Shop PH
Rings: Forever 21
Socks: Copo

Photographed by Sam Abiog

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Japan October 2014

So I figured out that it'll take me a long time again to be able to blog about my trip to Japan last October (duh, I'm still not done with my Japan April 2014 series!), so yeah, this time I've decided to capture Japan thru a video!

One of my most favorite things to do in Japan is people-watching! Yes, it might sound a little creepy, but yes, I do enjoy that! Not to creep out on other people's personal lives, but to observe Japan's take on fashion. I mean, fashionistas are everywhere in Japan! It's like 80% of their population take fashion SERIOUSLY. You'll see that in the clip I took at a crossing in Harajuku, from 1:03 to 1:50. Just random people, crossing the streets. But I felt like watching fashionistas in Tumblr or Lookbook come alive! Haha. IDK, it just amazes me a lot. 

Some of the places you'll also see in the video are Shibuya crossing, Hitachi Seaside Park *the one with fluffy red plants called Kotchia*, Tokyo Central Station, and Kawaguchi road. 

Hope you enjoyed the video! It's my first time to do something like this. *wink*


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