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Bicol Bloggers' #SSSStaycation: Crown Hotel

Our next stop on our Bicol Bloggers’ #SSSstaycation? My favorite part. Checking in at our home for our staycation, the Crown Hotel!

To read the backstory of our Bicol Bloggers’ #SSSstaycation, you can click here. And for all the posts in this series, it's in this link!

As the blogger who’s been called out by the bed the most (nighttime worker here), I am the most excited to meet my room for the night (and even in our short time breaks, I snuck in some power naps! Haha). Crown Hotel did not disappoint me! 

Crown Hotel has been operating since the 60's, making it the longest operating hotel in Naga City. It's amazing how it stood the test of time, fire and calamities. It has become a landmark in Naga City, being at the heart of the city. Located just in front of the Plaza Quince Martires and beside Plaza Quezon and Plaza Rizal. Imagine how many fascinating stories the walls of this hotel could tell you!

Crown Hotel offers the best view of Naga City in their rooms! It caters to every customer as it has many type of rooms in your preference. Their price is very competitive too! I'd say it's the cheapest in its category. And what I like the most about this hotel is it's located in the very heart of centro, so every place can be easily reached by foot or by tricycle/jeep.

Their available rooms:

Executive Suite A - Php6,000

I want to live in this room! It has its own living room.

I want to live in this bathroom! *just kidding* This bathroom is really spacious and has some fancy bathtub!

This hotel is also famous for tourists participating in the annual celebration of Pe├▒afrancia Festival here in Camarines Sur because this hotel has the best view for that, especially in their Executive Suite A!

Executive Suite B - Php4,500

Deluxe Twin Bed - Php3,000

Our room for the night was the same as this, Deluxe Twin Bed. Can be occupied by two people, but when you're clingy like us Bicol Bloggers, you can make it four! *LOL* There are also rooms that connects to each other if you'll be checking in with your family and friends.

Deluxe Single - Php2,500

If you are on budget, you can try their standard rooms. Lesser facilities you can enjoy but would never sacrifice your comfort! And even if this is their standard rooms, I think this room is still very spacious compared to other hotels in this price.

Standard Single - Php1,500

Standard Twin Bed - Php2,500

Generally, I am very pleased with my experience in this hotel. It's very satisfying for its value, and their staff is very accommodating and pleasant. See my ratings below. Once I got the experience their service on our first day, I already said to myself, I'll be coming back to this! Crown Hotel also has a cafe, resto and mini bar inside it which I will be blogging soon!

Value: 5/5
Location: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Sleep Quality: 4/5
Rooms: 4/5

Crown Hotel is exactly located at Elias Angeles corner P. Burgos Sts., Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. They have a free shuttle service to and from Pili Airport daily. Contact the hotel at (054) 473 8305 for bookings. Facebook Page: | New website will be launched SOON!

Photos by Nick Pahati


AGORA Magazine Feature: Renegade Remix

Second outfit on my AGORA Magazine Feature is now up! So yes, recently, I’ve been featured in the very first arts and fashion magazine in Bicol. No biggie~

..loljk Are you kidding me? I’m still feeling the kilig whenever I get to see my beautiful photos taken by my rad photographer friend, Paul Echano, in the pages of the second issue of AGORA Magazine. THE AGORA Magazine!

Here’s a preview of my second look on the AGORA Magazine! Pages 43-44.

So if you haven’t read my blog post about the first outfit I had on the magazine yet, I did a fashion editorial on this Bicol magazine featuring only items that I’ve bought at thrift stores, a.k.a. ukay-ukay! You’d be surprised that AGORA challenged me to pull off a whole outfit with a budget of just 500 below for this fashion editorial!

In this outfit, would you believe that I only got to spend Php550? Yes, head-to-toe! My Corset Top only costs Php150, Denim Jacket for only Php100, Denim Skift for Php50, and my trusty Chunky Heeled Boots only costs Php250!

Yes, you can really have a magazine-like ensemble in just ukay-ukay finds here in Bicol!

Curious about where my favorite thrift shops here in Bicol are? Browse the second issue of AGORA Magazine now, or stay tuned on my next blog posts on this AGORA Magazine Feature series! 4 more outfits to go!

So what do you think about this outfit? A Yay or a Nay? Share your thoughts on the comment box below!


DressLink: My Wishlist

Another shop to love! I came across this shop a few years back, and I got to be honest, I've kept on coming back to this shop to browse my faves and be amazed on how affordable their products are! I am even subscribed to their emailing list until now. supply the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies' apparel internationally. They understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so they are always adding beautiful new styles to their collection. They pride on offering exceptional low price but good quality at the same time. They provide fantastic service and still work hard to improve.

I'm so excited to share to you guys my top picks from the shop! You can click each photo to see more details about the product.

I'm such a sucker for leather backpacks! Currently, I have 3 of this in different colors, and I think another addition to my bag rack wouldn't hurt! This costs only $6.22 on their shop.

Also if they would be this adorable! 

Blazer/coats have been a very much needed piece in my wardrobe now, as I've started on my corporate job. So this one is also on my wish list. This specific piece is something you can wear to look corporate and fashionable at the same time! You can grab this for just less than 10 dollars!

Adding this classy bag on the item above on my corporate look would really be perfect for power dressing!

This cardigan's really cute to ignore! You can be sexy and cute on this at the same time!

Who doesn't need a $5.76 cat bag in their lives?! I know I do! Who cannot say no with their cute and grumpy faces?!

And a coin purse is much needed too!

This so unique fox bag is pretty irresistible too at $5.53!

I already have these two on blacks. But white! It's another story.

This has been a very long list and I can't stop adding more! DressLink is the shop to go to for cheap, unique and adorable pieces you can never say no to. You can actually see same products from more popular online shops but Dresslink's prices are nothing to compare! 


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