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Evening Dresses to Love

Prom season is around the corner again. Oh, the memories of my high school prom! Such a perfect moment and a memory to remember indeed.  Practicing dances, getting asked out by your high school crush for prom, prettying up yourself, and the most exciting part of it, picking the right dress for your night to remember! I’ve been browsing some really nice and Unique Evening Dresses of my taste lately.  And I came across this site of adorable evening dresses,! Not just perfect for proms, but also for all formal evening events of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your formal event with the perfect evening dress to wear? If I could just repeat my prom night again, I'd totally chose these evening dresses I've found at Bridalup! provides hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers. Their buyers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, totaling to over 230 countries worldwide. They also boast over 10 million product listings from their factory. 

Unique Evening Dresses
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All the dresses they are selling are made from the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection. They have an Elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in dressmaking. 

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Bicol Bloggers’ #SSSstaycation: Mama Eñga

Long time, no blog! I’ve been really busy lately, as I’ve finally started my very first and official corporate job! *woot* I’ve been really, really exhausted as my job requires me to be awake at night and asleep in the morning. Yes guys, I’m officially part of the vampire working gang now. And I'm still in transition. Haha. That’s why I am very giddy when I got the news from my co-blogger Ms. Apple Allison of that we’ll be having a stay-cation dubbed as #SSSstaycation in celebration of her first year blogversary!

I already wrote an overview of this event we had last January 31-February 1 on my recent blog post. Now, it’s time to talk about the things we did, places we went to, and foods that we ate! On this blog post, I’ll be feeding you with the savory Bicol dishes of Mama Eñga!

Mama Eñga is a small "turo-turo" style restaurant that serves on-budget, true Bicolano dishes. This resto is very accessible as it is located at the very heart of Naga. Their area is surprisingly spacious inside and also has a second floor that can be used for meetings and events.

I cannot believe that I only discovered this restaurant just now! Oh, the yummy and affordable meals I’ve missed before! I started eating without knowing the prices of each dish first. And I’d have to admit, I am really surprised that you can have a full meal for 70-100 pesos only!

My favorite was their Lechon Kawali! Oh, I know I’ll be going back to Mama Eñga a thousand times in the future just to devour their Lechon Kawali again! Uhh~ just talking about this now is making my mouth water! Sobrang lutong ng balat! Yum yum yum! And it only costs Php80.00!

The Lechon Kawali, and actually, anything else is so perfect with their Bicol vegetable dishes like Pinangat (Php35.00) and Laing (Php25.00). THEY’RE JUST SO PERFECT TOGETHER. Ultimate party in my mouth. I think they have one of the best Pinangat here in Naga, taste and price speaking.

Another one of their remarkable dishes is their Ginataang Tabagwang, Php30.00. This term never fails to make me laugh. Haha. But on the more sosyal term, it’s called “Kiss Me Quick,” a clever name to explain how to eat it!

Here are other dishes that you must try in Mama Eñga too. (L-R, T-B) Dinuguan - Php30,00, Adobong Pusit - Php75.00, Bopis - Php55.00, Hungma Bread - Php20.00 and Leche Flan - Php15.00.

Mama Eñga is such a wonderful discovery in our #SSSstaycation. You'll discover and learn more about what you can do and where you can go in Naga on my next posts about our Bicol Bloggers' SSSstaycation! Stay tuned!

Mama Eñga c/o Sir TR - for generously sponsoring this event
Bicol Bloggers - for making this event happen
Nick Pahati - for photos


Bicol Bloggers x #SSSstaycation

I've been living in Naga City since 2010, but I've got to say, I've never experienced Naga City like last week at the Bicol Bloggers' SSSstaycation! Last January 31 to February 1, officially launched together with the celebration of's first blogversary. 

I am really, really, truly happy that we have now a Bicol Bloggers community. A group of Bicolanos who uses their online presence and digital influence for the promotion of our region, homegrown brands, events and its people - be it bloggers or just online influencers. Bicol Bloggers amplify the voice of the region and bring the world closer to Bicol! We are really here to help our own region and the local businesses in the place we call home. It's just really nice that Bicol now has a venue to go to when they need a hand in their online presence. I really do believe that the start of this community of active online influencers will give a great impact on bringing Bicol closer to the world!

A lot of fun and indelible things had happened at our 2-day staycation in the heart of Bicol, Naga City! And I'm so excited to share them to you guys, but for the meantime, I'll keep you hanging and leave you with this sneak peak post! 

Here's a preview of what we did on our bloggers' staycation. City life, adventures, relaxing at the city and a lot of food trips! Nom nom nom.

 Of course, nothing of all these would happen if not for our very generous sponsors! Mama Eñga for our very Bicolano lunch, Cafe Frederico for our dinner, The Park for breakfast, MySpa and Bratanella Cupcake for our spa party, Taxicle community for our ride at our Naga City life tour, Bigg's Diner for our delish lunch and of course, the Crown Hotel for making our staycation extra comfy in our one night stay at their deluxe rooms!

I'd also like to thank the three very influencing bloggers of Bicol who pioneered Bicol Bloggers, Ms. Apple Allison of Soul Searching Soul, Nick Pahati of, and our view deck to the city of Naga, Naga City Deck. Kudos to them for making this big step to helping not just the region, but also the individual bloggers of Bicol, for giving us more opportunities in the blogging industry. I cannot wait for more events and activities with these guys!

To know more about Bicol Bloggers and details on how to join or be a partner of us, just visit our newly launched website,! Stay tuned to Spotlight on Jamie for the detailed blog posts about each activity we did in our #SSSstaycation! More Naga City fun awaits! ^___^


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