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UNICORN~!!! Who wouldn't go cray cray for this shirt that I'm wearing?! Thanks to Elle Poupée for sending me this super kawaii unicorn shirt! They also told me that I'm the official model for this shirt design. So double YAY for that! o(^▽^)o

First outfit shoot since I got back from Japan! And much of a hangover of Japan, I've decided to have this outfit Tokyo Fashion-inspired! Well, with lesser kawaii accessories. lol I still don't have the guts to go full Harajuku on my outfits. I've seen how the Japanese people, especially the ones in Harajuku, dress up. And if you'd seen them too, you'd know I'd be embarrassed to call this Tokyo fashion. LOL just Tokyo fashion-inspired maybe!

As what I've observed in Tokyo fashion (both by seeing them personally and religiously stalking, they do like unexpected layerings, play with colors, beanies, kawaii socks, and platform shoes. Hence, this look.

Elle Poupée sent me this rad beanie too!

Elle Poupee is a shop for girly and cute trends. Elle is a french word that means "she", while Poupee means "doll". Together, It means "she's a doll!"

An online shop granting every girl's dreams. Their products can hopefully bring out the little princess in you and satisfy your cravings for fashion and style. Elle Poupee offers a wide range of accessories (from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets). They also now sell kawaii shirts, like what I'm wearing!

Here's the Unicorn Shirt I've been obsessing with since the day I got it! Elle Poupée's very own design! They have lots of kawaii designs. They even have a Totoro shirt! You can be kawaii even with just a simple shirt! If you'd like to order this unicorn shirt I'm wearing, you can reach Elle Poupée on their Facebook page or Instagram.

New favorite rucksack my mom bought at a recycle shop (like an 'ukay-ukay' here in the Ph) in Japan for 300yen only! Unfortunately, I wasn't around when she went to that recycle shop! I would've hoard all the adorbs Japan stuff there! HAHA

And hey! On the other note, my online shop Yen's Butingthings is back! And it's now carrying a new name, KawaiiYen Shop PH! Your online store of kawaii stuff and beauty products from Japan! And we're now on Instagram too! Please do follow us @kawaiiyenshop.

I recently uploaded Forever21 Rings Collection and Japan Brand Watches Collection. Both of the items I'm wearing in the photo above are from KawaiiYen! ^_^

Sheer socks are such a big trend in Japan right now! And of course, we have them on KawaiiYen Shop too! Our Kawaii Socks Collection are priced from P100-P120 only. So affordable, right? We also have socks from one of the most loved brands in Japan, WEGO.

And Tokyo fashion wouldn't be complete without a platform shoes, right? Got mine from OASAP!

I've made a separate post for the necklace and earrings I'm wearing here! SHOP TO LOVE: Rings & Tings

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay kawaii, people! xo

Shirt: Elle Poupée
Beanie: Elle Poupée
Sneakers: OASAP
Rucksack: Japan
Earrings & Necklace: Rings & Tings

Photos taken by Lou Sanchez | Processed by yours truly


SHOP TO LOVE: Rings & Tings

Rings and Tings is an online fashion store stocking the most unique piece of fashion at a reasonable price. From Jewellery to watches, every detail is important and can add character to an outfit. Rings and Tings will be there to provide that little special treasure that shall be cherished forever. 

Another shop to love, guys! I've been ogling around this online store called Rings & Tings for quite a while now to spot in the on trend accessories this season. They never really fail to make my eyes sparkle and make me want to have every fashion accessories they have in my hand in an instant! /not exaggerating/ lol They just don't sell rings! They also have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, even clothing, shoes and bags!

So just recently, I've finally had an opportunity to possess my own Rings & Tings goodies! With much excitement, I've already worn them on my first ever photo shoot after my Japan trip! Hihi.

Here's my favorite in what they'd sent me. A classic heart necklace! I've always wanted to have one, but I've been really attached with my old 16th note pedant I have for a long time now. Well, here comes new favorite! *u*

 I don't usually wear earrings, but this one's an exception! I'm really glad that they sent me some classics, because I can easily pair it off with any of my outfits!

They also sent me a cutie owl necklace, which I've already uploaded on my Instagram. Will surely feature it too on my blog this month! *wink*

Love these fashion accessories too? HEY~ I have a gift for you, my lovely reader! A 10% off on all items discount coupon!

( Enter this at checkout to get 10% off all items! )

For this outfit and brands that I'm wearing, hang on to my next blog post!

Photos taken by Lou Sanchez  ||  Processed by me


Brighten Up

Bringing back the girly Jamie is quite refreshing, don't you think? Some of my friends and readers are admitting that they are already missing my girly outfits, because I've been into grungy and indie styles lately. I'm planning to channel the inner girly girl again! Just because I think my life is actually brightening up lately ..or I think it's just all in your disposition! 

Well yea, some reasons that actually influenced me to brighten up my colors are the lovely bright Bow Shorts I'm wearing from House of K, and my new fave Floral Platform Sneakers from OASAP! Do not also forget my pastel stack of bracelet from Bonita y Elegante by Mutya!

And I'm so happy with this necklace JewelryCoco sent me! I love that this can actually fit in many style of clothing, whether it's girly or edgy. Expect to see this necklace more often here in the blog! Hihi

JewelryCoco is an online fashion jewelry store, which is located in Guangzhou, China. Jewelrycoco is a leading China online wholesale supplier of Women's jewelry, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, Men's jewelry. They provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion jewelry at factory direct prices along with a professional service to customers all over the world. That's why you can really expect to find really cheap buys in their store!

And I'm sharing to you the Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Shop JewelryCoco!
(1) They have an extensive and growing selection of high quality products. 
(2) New products are sourced and added every day on 
(3) Their innovative marketing department constantly searches for the very latest in popular fashion jewelry on the market to attract and satisfy the broad demand of our customer base. 
(4) There is a huge range of products with different styles for you to choose.

 Built my outfit with this cutiepatootie bow shorts from House of K! OMG I suddenly missed all the bows in my life I used to overly use before! Hihi. I was starting to think I'm already too old for this. But one bow wouldn't hurt, right? lol

Lovin' this stack of bracelet Bonita y Elegante sent me too! Lots of beautiful things all in one stack! *eyes sparkle*

Sparkle your eyes too on these new babies of mine. HUHU I super love this floral platforms from OASAP! Pairing it with a cute socks too. Hey~ Just like to inform you that I'm selling Kawaii Socks from Japan again! Browse here.

And another thing that brighten me up in this look? Mary Kay Concealer! The new BFF of my dark spots. Hihi. Mary Kay fanatic too? Hey! Let me introduce you to Mary Kay Ph by Andrea! Easily buy Mary Kay products online! They also usually give discounts and giveaways, so you better check out their Facebook page! ;)

Necklace: Jewelry Coco
Top: Thrifted
Shorts: House of K
Sneakers: OASAP
Arm Candy: Bonita y Elegante


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