Edgy Tribal

11:02 PM

Been experimenting with different styles lately. Still figuring out what suits me best..
Really love the edgy and tribal-ish feel of this outfit! Hate my hair here tho. lol

Thrifted from head to toe again!! Can you notice that? Hee.. :))
Got this over-sized top in my Mom's closet. Hihi. Didn't know my Mom likes tribal prints too! I will totally go back there to find more! Hahaha. My brownish pants are from ukay-ukay too.

All my accessories here are from my shop, Yen's Butingthings

And hey, this pair of platform wedges are from ukay-ukay too! Really lovely, right? *u* But I promised not to wear this pair of platform wedges in school again! It's not designed for walking in not-flat-surface yah know.. lol :))

So what do you think about this style? ;)

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