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10:47 PM

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week because Wednesdays are Ateneo's wash days! It means.. time to dress up! So here's what cutiepatootie outfit I wore yesterday! :3
Thrifted Collared Blouse | Thrifted Glittered Skirt | DIY Glittered Flats | Thrifted Vintage Bag | Accessories from Yen's Butingthings

I totally fell in love at first sight with this skirt when I saw this in an Ukay-ukay near Geewan in Naga centro! It's a new arrival so it's still kinda pricey, but who cares? This is so irresistible!! XD

My Collared blouse is from ukay-ukay too! Can you believe that I got this at only fifteen pesos?! Spell steal!! ;) 

I really love my hair here.. *u* Can't believe I achieved this kind of hair! Haha. I started hating my hair when I decided to re-curl it. It got so buhaghag. :( Yun pala ang secret lang daw don ay don't comb your hair!! Hahaha. Can't believe it's true! :))
My bow hair clip here is a gift I received from my online friend Maica at our bloggers' exchange gift last Christmas. I already blogged about that here. So adorable, right? :3 Thanks again for this, Maica! ;*

Other accessories are from my online shop, Yen's Butingthings
I got inspired from Ms. Laureen Uy's & Ms. Dianne Dequina's DIY glittered shoes, that's why I made one for me too! Never worn this flats for a long time. Had this doll shoes for more than a year. It's James' Christmas gift for me last 2010. I don't want to just throw it away, so I decided to glitterfy it instead! You can make one too! Just follow Ms. Dianne's tutorial here. ;)

Confession: I've always wanted to be a doll. :3

Heehee. You see, in my past outfit posts, my style is more like edgy, never been this girly. But I've always wanted to be a sophisticute like Ms. Tricia G. She's one of my inspirations! I've always adored Tricia Gosigtian's style ever since I saw her blog a year ago. This is the style that I've always dreamed of wearing, and I'm so happy that I've finally worn it! I just can't stop looking at my photos. Hihihi.. I wish I can wear this style everyday. I mean I wish I can wear this style everyday without people making me feel like I'm not normal or weird or something.. or maybe it's just me? getting so conscious. LOL :)) You think it's just me? Hihi. *u*

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