Dream Catcher

11:42 PM

This is a part of my look experimentation. I've tried the girly look, classic, and edgy before. Now, it's time for a Boho look!

Dream-catcher print tee: Greenhills | Shorts: Thrifted

I kinda like the boho style! I know it's not that boho (I think), but the feathers in this look I think achieved the a boho feel! ;)
Feather necklace and Feather hair extensions from Yen's Butingthings

Leather bag: Thrifted

Boho with a twist! I decided to wear a ruffled socks to add some vintage / indie feel for my look. Got this pair of ankle boots at a Thrift Shop in Naga for only P65!! Even I can't believe that! lol :))

So, what to you think about this look? :>

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