Floral & Collar

11:26 PM

So this is the outfit that I was talking about! The outfit that Ms. Vern Enciso liked and took a photo of! ;) If you haven’t read my blog post about meeting Vern Enciso, you can read it here. :)

This is what I wore on our ACP day. I really prepared for this because I know that I’m gonna be meeting Ms. Vern! And it was really an awesome day to dress up!

I decided to wear a blogger-ish outfit since I’m going to attend a talk about blogging. And I am really happy that Ms. Vern noticed what I wore! ;)

Romper used as top, Floral pants, Wedges, & Bag all from thrift shop. *wink* See? You can achieve a very blogger-ish look even though your clothes are just from ukay-ukay! ;)

Detachable Collar necklace from Yen’s Butingthings

DIY bracelet and Rings also from Yen’s Butingthings. I really love having my rings matchy matchy with my outfit!

Annnd my favorite wedges from Thrift Shop too! ♥

So that’s it! I hope you like my outfit too, like Ms. Vern! Hihi. I’m still kilig yah know.. :”>

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