Twisted Belt Tutorial

8:21 AM

Hi guys! First of all, I want to thank all of you for all the positive responses from my outfit post last night. I received a lot of TA's, messages of appreciation, and a lot also are asking me about how I did my twisted belt. So now, I'm gonna be teaching you how to do that. ;)

1. First, insert the end of your belt through the buckle, like you normally do.

2. The second step is not really necessary if your belt fits you perfectly. I usually do this to my belts that doesn't fit me even if it is in the very last hole of my belt. So the second step is to move the prong of your belt aside so you can have something like this:

3. Next, insert the end of your belt to the loop of your belt, and have something like this:

4. Now, you have to slip it under, and pull it up toward you.

5. Then, insert it again into the loop.

6. Now, you just have to do again what you did on the right side. Slip it under, and pull it up.

7. And for the final step, secure the end of your belt in the middle of your loop.

And tada! You now have your twisted belt done! Your problems with your long belts are now solved! ;)

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