Boots On The Sand

8:46 AM

Trying a boho-ish outfit again! These photos were taken when James and I went to Bagasbas beach mainly to take photos to try my new camera. I don't know why when James and I decide to go to Bagasbas, it's always makulimlim and about to rain. Urgh.. But the beach is still pretty and I'll always love it. Anyway, this is what I wore..

It's so windy okayy.. :|

Gift Crop top | Thrifted Denim vest | Thrifted Denim shorts | Thrifted Ankle boots

This top is a gift I received from Amanda on my 18th birthday. It's my first time to wear this here because I didn't know how to style it, and when I finally knew how, I was amazed 'cause it's really cute when worn! I just had to wear a tube inside because it's too loose.

It also looked good with my thrifted denim vest. I was supposed to sell this denim vest in my closet sale, but I fell in love with it when I wore it, so.. maybe I'll just find another one for you guys on my closet sale part two! ;)
Boho outfit isn't complete with a feather necklace from Yen's Butingthings!

Feelin' rock n roll that day so I wore a guitar connector ring from Yen's Butingthings also.

Boots on the sand, literally.. :>

Photos taken by James, processed by me.

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