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9:10 AM

This is what I wore on my co-choir member, Marrianne's 18th birthday celebration last Friday. I'm such a dress code breaker for wearing this, they say. Marrianne said no one is allowed to wear pink and white. I really find it hard to pick my clothes for that night, 'cause I just realized, almost all my clothes in my closet has pink in it! Haha. But for my excuse, hey! It's not white, it's cream. It's not pink, it's peach! ;p

Thrifted dress used as top | DIY skirt | SO! Fab pumps

Used my lace detailed dress as a top. Lace over lace. Cute right? Just added a princess-ey feel on my outfit. ;) And see that peeking cream lace beneath my peach skirt? That's a part of my dress too. I just love the way it looked!

I personally picked this fabric!

Can you believe that my mom personally made this lace skirt?! So lovelyy.. *u* As of the moment, she had already sewed me a half dozen of skirts! So excited to wear them for school!

Hot pink pumps from SO! Fab | Secosana clutch bag | DIY pearl bracelets | Ring from Yen's Butingthings

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