8:51 AM

Took these photos in our garden all by myself again lol. Can't wait for school to start so that I can ask my friends to take photos of me again! ..but I'm not actually excited about school stuffs. Hihi. :>

So anyway, this is another power outfit post again before school starts! I have a new outfit photo location! Don't you just love the yellow flowers on our garden floor? :3

Thrifted top and skirt | Melissa shoes from 168 mall

Sometimes I feel like a cosplayer because of my top. lol Cute ruffles on my shoulders!

I'm such a tulle lover! I've never worn this skirt before because this skirt used to be a long skirt. I asked my mom to cut it short so it can look cuter. I'm not really a fan of long skirts! I even wanted to cut it a little bit shorter, but I'm afraid that I Mr.-School-Guard will not allow me to enter our campus again. Screw dress codes! Boo!

Rings from Yen's Butingthings.

DIY pearl bracelets

Favorite photo! Melissa bow jelly wedges from 168 mall.

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