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8:37 AM

I'm so happy to have a photographer again even just for a day! Me and my friend Ate Donna have been planning about this shoot even before the summer started. Thank God it finally happened! If only I can have her shoot my outfits everyday! She's such a talented photographer friend! And she's a fashion blogger, too, by the way! You can visit her blog here.

So anyway, this is what I wore. I just dressed up even though I don't have anywhere to go that day. Hihi. This shoot only happens once in a blue moon, okay. So better grab that chance, eh? :))

Thrifted schoolgirl blouse | Mustard skort from 999 mall | So! FAB pumps

Bought this top almost a year ago in a thrift shop here in Bicol. It was a bit pricey when I bought it, but I didn't care. It's too adorable to let go! It looks like a schoolgirl blouse but also nautical, isn't it? And the ribbon! The ribbon! *u*

Candy bracelet and Wings ring from Yen's Butingthings | DIY pearl bracelet

I haven't worn these adorbs hot pink pair of pumps from So! FAB since my 18th birthday celebration. Almost forgot how lovely it is! I just wish it's not slingback. :\

These ware taken in our garden, btw.. That's all folks!

Photos taken by Donna Joyce de Belen. Processed by me.

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