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I'm with the Frances sisters of Fraces and Flair, you guys! *u* 

So glad to finally meet them officially! I've know these girls for quite some time because they're friends with my friends. Ate Joyce is a friend of my photographer in my debut, Kuya Fadi. She was also my classmate in one subject last sem. And Didi is James' blockmate. I actually felt happy/excited when I found out that they made a fashion blog also. I'm actually encouraging my friends to go blogging na din. Hihi. Recently, I just made a BICOL Fashion Bloggers group in FB 'cause I want to unite all the bloggers in Bicol just like the bloggers in Manila. Who knows? Maybe in 2013, there's already a Bicol Bloggers United?! ;)

/tip toed! omg they're so tall! hihi

We had this photoshoot 'cause we're planning to create a group of fashionistas in Ateneo. As of now, we have already 9 members. Hey! If you are one, feel free to join our group here! We're planning to have a photoshoot every Wednesday! ;)

So this is what I wore in our photoshoot and also for school :3
Thrifted dress used as top | Thrifted polka-dot skirt | OASAP bag | Divi flats

DIY pearl bracelet | Yen's Butingthings necklace

Forever 21 bow ring | SM Dept Store bow belt

My now favorite OASAP bag! I use this bag almost everyday in school. Hihi. :>

I also took James with me to take our pictures. But instead, Ate Joyce insisted to take photos of us! Haha. It was actually awkward for us 'cause we don't know how to pose with a partner. Hahaha. So we ended up with a candid shot 'cause we kept on laughing! lol 

Thanks Ate Joyce for taking our photos! ;)

Photos from Joyce Vasquez. Processed by me.

Btw, they had already blogged about this photoshoot here. :)

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