Let's Cosplay!

11:52 AM

Did this for fun! Hihi. I just woke up one day and thought to myself, "Hey! I want to try cosplaying today!" Haha. I'm not really a big fan of cosplay, but I really find it awesome ..and cute!

So, tell me if I'd pulled this off! HAHA

Comments will be very much appreciated! *u*

OASAP top | Thrifted skirt | Thrifted boots

I built this outfit on my top from OASAP. Lovely right? ;)

My forever favorite skirt! Glittery and lace-y! *twinkle eyes* And oh, it's thrifted! *wink*

Bow ring from Forever 21. DIY bracelet from mom.

First time to wear this fringe wedge booties! Thrifted also! ;)

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