Rocker Chic

12:00 PM

Hey loves! Did you miss me?! Hee. I've been really busy with school stuffs lately. But thanks to Ateneo holidays! We have a 4 day vacation because of the retreat of our professors. So yeah! I'm so back to blogging again! *u*

Here's my comeback outfit post! A rocker outfit (kinda), but still has a chic feel.. Rocker Chic!

^I love this photo sana, but I'm tulog. ;n;

Denim vest - Thrifted | Skirt - thrifted | Flats - Solemate | Bag - Guess

Denim vest from a thrift shop in Naga.

lol Sorry for my mismatched tangerine nails! Forgot to remove them after the tangerine wedding that I attended. Hee. *u*

DIY bracelet. Rocker spikes ring (that my classmates are scared to. lol) & Denim ring to match my denim vest from Yen's Butingthings.

Thrifted Guess bag. Black leather bag to add a rocker feel to my outfit!

Ballet flats from Solemate.

Thanks to Felthappy for this cutiepatootie camera necklace!! *u*
This was originally a cellphone charm, but because I'm not used to phone charms, I transformed it to a necklace! Cutie right? Visit their shop to see more designs! They also make phone cases and accept personalized orders too! ;)

Thanks to James for taking my outfit photos! 

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