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A-Fash goes Bohemian! Don't we just look so purdy in this photo? *u* We're all in boho style! This is the first time that we had a theme for our photoshoot!

I was the one who suggested to A-Fash that we must do bohemian in this shoot because of our photoshoot location. Same location in my Laces & Denim outfit post here. But I just prepared for this outfit the night before because I was in a real dilemma 'cause I'm not really a boho girl. But I was inspired by my Bohemian soul sissy Maica. ♥

But I think my outfit here kinda worked! Though I still think it's kinda girly. Hee..

Head to toe outfit: Thrifted!! ;)

Here's a game! Can you count how many feathers are on me?? Hahaha. It's my way of boho-ing *new word* my look! Hihi. *u*

Chose to wear this tank top with aztec details to make a boho-ish feel on my outfit. And matched it with a floral skirt.

Feather earrings from Hurricane Kitty.

Bubble vintage ring from Yen's Butingthings. DIY earthly bracelets.

Wearing one of my newest thrift buys! My most favorite thrifted shoes so far! Can you even believe that this finsk wedges are from ukay-ukay?! Spell lucky!

It has been ridiculously windy here in Naga for days, bad hair day everyday! So here's my solution for bad hair days: French braids! ;) with feathers from my headband w/ feathers chu-chu :>

So do you think I've achieved it? Comments are very much appreciated! :))

BTW, thanks Ate Joyce and Ruffa for the photos!

P.S. You can follow A-Fash blog here! ;)

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