Neon-ized Girl

12:46 PM

So glad that I found A-Fash because I got to try new clothes that I never got to wear before! Having themes in our photoshoots is very challenging yet at the same time very enjoying! I got to wear Vintage style, BohemianNautical, and just this week, I just got neon-ized!! ;)

Hardest theme of A-Fash for me so far! I don't have any neon in my closet! Gosh.. I actually searched for neon clothes few days before just for this shoot! Glad I spotted one at a thrift shop! ;)

Sexy back! Mehehehehehe. Just kidding lol :3

Neon top: Thrifted | Skirt: Mom's FIY | Heels: Thrifted

Hey, hey! Isn't this Polo Collar from Personalized Accessories such a cutie?! OMG. I fell in love with this the moment I received it from Personalized Accessories! I'm such a fan of acrylic accessories and detachable collars! :3

Personalized Accessories is an online store that offers variety of fashion accessories from necklaces to rings and keychains! Their accessories are made of acrylic plastic and clay. And how cool is that? You can even order using your own design! and hell yeah, in a very affordable price! ;)

Decided to have a touch of blue in my outfit with my belt, a gift bracelet, and a ring from Yen's Butingthings.

Matched my Forever 21 bow ring with Didi's nail art!! First time to have a nail art! Hihihi. Thank you so much Didi for this! :*

To lessen the details in the front and emphasize my collar necklace, I decided to put the bow of my belt from SM Accessories at the back. ;)

Isn't this pair of heels look so purdy? Oh, it's thrifted! ;)

And how cute Didi and I that showed up in the same colors? Hahaha. Most people would be annoyed if this happens to them, but Didi and I just laughed through it and thought that we really look like sisters here! Cutie!! :))

P.S. Thanks Ate Joyce and Ruffa for the photos!

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