Bicol Fashion Week : Comeback In Style

8:22 AM

How awesome is that? Bicol just conducted its very first Bicol Fashion Week here in Naga City! Bicol is now embracing the world of fashion! And I am really really happy with that! I really enjoyed the 2nd day of the Bicol Fashion Week 'cause I got to meet my fellow Bicolana fashion bloggers! Hope we can have a Bicol Bloggers United too someday! ;)

After the event, James and I had a very quick outfit shoot! Here's what I wore in the event. (I'm on edgy now, people! lol :))

Excuse my reddish skin in these photos! If you're an avid reader of mine, maybe you already know that I had just been recently hospitalized! The reason also for my absence in this blog for 2 weeks. The symptoms are telling dengue, but luckily the results said I'm negative on dengue. My doctor said it was some kind of viral infection, so just ignore it if you'll notice my rashes here. Mehehe.

Top: Mom's | Shorts: Thrifted | Bag: OASAP | Boots: Thrifted

Lovely tribal print top from my mom. Polo collar necklace from Personalized Accessories.

Spikes ring from Yen's Butingthings. Arm party!

Bag from OASAP.

Doc Martens inspired boots from a thrift shop. Sorry if it's kinda dirty. Mehehe

Here are some photos that I got from the 2nd day of the Bicol Fashion Week. I really loved the premiere Bicolano designers' designs!! Avel Bacudio, Simon Ariel Vasquez, Anthony Cesar Fortuno, Ronald Lita, and Bombi Balla.

Ms. Ria Bolivar!

Didi of Frances and Flair! ;) Lovin' her gown!

That's it! I'm really looking forward for the next Bicol Fashion Week! Hopefully I can participate in all events the next time! ;)

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