Business on the front, Bow in the back!

8:11 AM

Business on the front, party in the back! ~ Hey! Do you know that song? Hihihi.

This is what I wore last Wednesday at the A-Fash's weekly photoshoot! Our theme for this week is floral! ;)

Automatically got random stares from people in school because of my outfit! Hope I was able to turn their heads, too, so they would be able to see the pretty detail on my back! Hihihi. :">

My floral for this outfit is my yellow pencil-cut skirt that is actually just a hand-me-down from my mom! Can't believe that I'm in the exact size of my mom when she's my age! Heeee.. *u*

Top: OASAP | Skirt: Mom's | Shoes: Thrifted | Bag: OASAP

Oh, how cute is the back detail of my OASAP top!! It's sooo adorable right?! Like irresistibly cuuute! @_@ Thank you so much OASAP for this!!

Accessories from Yen's Butingthings. Kept my accessories few and girly to keep the daintiness and soft feel of my look.

Used another OASAP item for this look! My cutie yellow bag to match my yellow floral skirt! OASAP now has this kind of bag in other size here.

And who can even tell that this lovely pair of finsk shoes is thrifted?! Awesome, right? *wink* Bet you're jealous of me now! Haha. Just kidding :))

So what do you think of my outfit? Feel free to comment below! Hee *u*

Special thanks to Ate Joyce for taking our photos even though she's in a power outfit while shooting! Heehee.

The flower girls! lol silly name :)) This is my most favorite group photo of us so far! Because of the theme, I guess? So girly, so me! *u* Please do follow our A-Fash blog here! :)

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