Floral Schoolgirl

9:05 AM

Sunny day! Decided to wear floral for mass last Sunday. I love how florals can make your look instant girly without much effort. Well, for my look, totally girly especially because it's matched by pink colors!

Realized that my outfit here kinda look like a school girl uniform! Collared top + Pleated skirt. Well, just in pink and florals! Hee.. How I wish we have a school that has this kind of uniform! Ahhhh~ *u*

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Mom's DIY | Wedges: Thrifted

One of my favorite pink tops! Hey, can you guess how many pink tops I have? lol. I think half of my closet's color is pink. Heee...

Mom's DIY skirt again! She said this is the hardest skirt she had done so far. So lovely skirt, right? So blessed to have a mom who knows how to make these things! 

Bracelet from Yen's Butingthings.

DIY heart ring.

And oh, a lovely bow hairclip from Fingertip Accessories! My favorite hairclip as of now. Almost wearing it everyday. Hee.. Just can't resist the cuteness of Fingertip Accessories!!

Finsk wedges from a Thrift Shop in Naga.

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