I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. Yes!

9:17 AM

Feelin' so blessed lately because my name is starting to be known in the world of fashion here in Bicol! So many opportunities rainin' on me! Just last Wednesday, I've been invited to judge for a fashion show in my Alma Mater because they knew that I am a fashion blogger. Was even more surprised because a lot of students there (whom I don't really know na, because I graduated there like 3 years ago) are also my readers!

I wasn't able to take much photos of the fashion show because of the absence of great light in the venue. But I really had fun judging their United Nations fashion show! It was my first time and there were snacks! /kidd :)) There were a lot of great outfits, but there are also aren't that good, and some are not really good lol. 

So yeah, talk about the outfit. Decided to wear something comfy and not-so-agaw-pansin outfit (which I really failed to do so), because I know that people in our small town aren't into fashion that much yet. ;p 

Top: Thrifted | Skirt: Thrifted | Wedges: OASAP

Built my outfit on my first babies from OASAP! Sexy brown wedges! So lovely right? And I swear it's so comfy!! *u*

Hey! I'm wearing a curly hair today! /just because I'm missin' my long curly hair. =____=

Such a lovely necklace from Mel's Collection!

Ribbon ring and Rainbow colored bracelet from Mel's Collection too! 

Mel's Collection really did a great job making my accessories! So lovely handmade pieces! *u*

A closer look to the prints of my floral skirt. Twisted belt, also thrifted.

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