Just Like A Lady

8:43 PM

Lazy Sunday! Second Sem had just started, and my body clock is still kinda fvcked up. So, last night I've been awake until 2:30am. Well, that explains my eye bags lol. And my classes from Monday to Thursdays always start at 7:30am. I really hate my class schedule this sem! -___-
So yeah.. This morning, James and I went to mass together in the University Church at Ateneo. He helped me for a little photoshoot after the mass for my blog and lookbook. ;) Thank you James!! ♥ 

So this is what I wore today...
I'm wearing heels/wedges now! Haha. I've just turned 18. And after stumbling upon Ms. Lissa Kahayon's blog, I felt like I must somewhat change my style now. 'Cause now I'm already a lady! From preppy to a lady. lol :))

Oversized top from Greenhills, Jeans from Thrift Shop (Forever 21), Vintage bag from Thrift Shop (Valentino)

Wedge from Thrift Shop

Accessories (Rings, Feather hair clip extension, Bracelet) from Yen's Butingthings!

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