Christmas Day!

8:53 PM

Spent the whole Christmas day at home (well, my Aunt's home in Manila). We've been in Manila since the 23rd. It's my first time to spend Christmas here! Well, as far as I rememberrr... (I think I have a childhood amnesia. lol) So, anyway.. some of our relatives also came over to celebrate the Christmas day with us. My mom introduced me as her daughter who came from Korea. lol She was joking, but one of my 2nd cousins really fell for that! Hahaha! Maybe because of what I am wearing. Heehee. So here comes the outfit post!!

Bought this sweatshirt dress at a thrift shop in Naga, for only 3 for P100! The other two of them have a tribal-ish print. A really great find in ukay! Will wear the other one on New Year's eve! ;)

Didn't bother to wear slippers and accessories at all. We're not going out of the house anyway. :)

So emo lang ng pose eh! Haha. Had these pictures taken at a terrace in my Aunt's house. Self-timed! Haha. That's why the framing is kinda bad. I don't have a photographer here! :\

This one is thrifted too! I had bought this a long time ago at a Japan Surplus store in Daet. And finally! I get to wear my leg warmers na! It's so cute! *u*

Happy holidays again to everyone!! xx

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