Bring Me To Paris

7:33 PM

At first, my peg for this outfit was a girl going on a picnic in a park. Didn't notice that I looked like a girl travelling to Paris until the shoot. And hey! Do you remember my Keep Calm and Snap On look? This is the girly version of that! ;)

"I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline
And though I'm very small
I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline
And inside I'm tall!"

Can't help but to remember Madeline in this outfit and photo! And the lyrics really suits me well! Hahaha.

 Top: OASAP | Skirt: Thrifted | Oxfords: Thrifted

My favorite top from OASAP! I've worn this a couple of times already. I just love how this top can suit in many different styles, like indie, classic, and girly of course! Even a laid-back outfit can make this fab. So irresistible bow-knot and lace details!

Floral skirtsies from a thrift shop in Naga. This was originally a long skirt, just made my mom cut it so it would look cuter and more me. I really avoid wearing long skirts because it makes me look shorter. Fashion tip! Showing more parts of your legs will make you look taller. Avoid strappy shoesies too, to add more height and length on your legs. *wink* Now you know why I always wear skirts. Hihi. 

I really love this bowler hat I bought in SM, kids section! Hee.. Perfect for outdoor events, like picnics!

Keep Calm Lomo necklace from Fingertip Accessories

If I would be in Paris, I would really keep calm and snap snap snap on! Ahhh~ when will that day come? *u*

Bow ring and crochet bow bracelet from Fingertip Accessories

My cutesie picnic bag! I shall show you my collection of picnic bags some time! This piece is I think the third picnic bag I'd bought. Found this in a Japan thrift store in Cam Norte.

Thrifed pastel Oxford shoes

And look who joined in our photoshoot that day...
My mini me!!!

Instagram photo | Follow me on Instagram @jamielouborile
Don't we look just so alike? Hee.. Thank you so much Fingertip Accessories for this awesome surprise gift!! Never thought can be in a clay accessory! It's just so adorable, I can't even asdfghjkl~ Hihi. :3

You can order your mini you or mini love ones too! So perfect for the Christmas season! I'm sure your love ones wouldn't resist the cuteness of this too! *u*

Oh, hey! Here's my A-Fash sisters with their pastel-themed outfits too! We recently made a Facebook page for you to easily get more updates on us. 

Photography by Joyce Vasquez | Processed by me

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  1. You look like Madeline indeed! Love the hat :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Hihi. Such a kiddo of me. lol. Thank you so much, Daf! <3

  2. i love the lace details on your denim top. hihi ♥

  3. You also look like madeline. Cute. AHAHAA :>

    1. Really?? Hahaha. More like I look like a kid. lol :)) Thank you, Ajah! ;)

  4. love everything :D bagay tlga sayo lagi naka skirt.

  5. I super love your top and shoes <333 Great ensemble!

  6. You are so cute, Jamie!
    I'm glad your here on blogspot too! :)

    1. Actually I just recently transferred! ;) Thank you so much, Jamie! Hihi. *same name* lol :)) I love the photos in your blog, btw! Great job! ;)

  7. you look adorable :)

  8. Such a cute outfit! Love the gorgeous photos xx

  9. OMG i love it, you're so cute :3


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