Happy Halloween!!

12:41 PM

Just want to share this outfit I wore in our Modeling 101 Graduation Fashion Show because this will probably be my outfit if only I have a Halloween party to attend to, which I don't have, so I just wore it in our creative fashion ramp, where we were asked to style and wear our best!

Hey, I'm a model now! Who knows that a 5'something like me can walk in a runway and model?! Thanks to Modeling 101 for this great experience! Even just for a night, I've been called a model! Acted like a model and did a lot of modeling stuffs!

hee.. I did the heart thingy while walking in the runway! :3

Can you see the happiness in my face here? Hee.. This is just a big dream come true to me. My parents were even laughing at me when I told them I have a fashion show on the 28th. Maybe they thought it's just a joke because of my height. Mehehe. 

I just love the feeling of the spotlight. (Yes, the meaning behind my blog name!) *wink* I think I was born to feel the spotlight on me. lol. Won't you just love the feeling of attention and all the cameras clicking on you? Ahhh~ *eyes sparkle*

Thanks Didi again for helping me with my make up!! ;*

Top, Skirt and Finsk boots: Thrifted! Hee.. *u*

Rivet peterpan collar from ROMWE. Piano ring from Fingertip Accessories.

Thanks to Modeling 101 and the people behind this workshop, Ate Pearl and Ate Tess, to our mentors, Ms. Jenny Harris, Sir Jojo Prieto, Sir Gie Azcarraga, Phil Huynh, and Van Avenilla for sharing your knowledge to us and for making this happen! I definitely wanna do this again!!!

Credits to the owners of these photos!
(c) Levi Francisco
(c) Reuben Malimban
(c) Gie Azcarraga
(c) Xeres Gagero

P.S. Modeling 101 is now accepting reservation of slots in the Batch 2 of their workshop! It will be on the Nov. 10th & 11th. Visit their facebook for more details! ;)

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