I'm officially moving to Blogspot!

9:00 AM

This was a very big decision for me because my old blog has been already a part of my teenage life. I've gained a lot of followers there and it's really hard for me to just leave them. But anyway, after a long deliberation, I decided to move to a more professional blog space. I've realized that Tumblr isn't that preferable anymore for fashion bloggers. Also, other sponsors aren't considering anymore Tumblr blogs, unless you have your own .com domain! I kinda fell in love with Blogspot anyway. Better quality of photos, and I find Blogspot easier to manage than Tumblr (personal opinion)
So yeah, I'm now officially on Blogspot! But I'm not abandoning my Tumblr account naman. I'll still be posting also there from time to time, but expect me to be more active here!

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