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7:11 PM

Felt kinda sick of wearing skirts, so I've been wearing a lot of pants, capris and leggings lately. Been trying a lot of other styles (if you'd notice in my recent outfit posts), and I think I'd still be posting a lot of me in different styles soon.

I don't know.. I'm feelin' normal now when I'm in skirts. I've been really used to it that it made me feel like I'm not dressing up whenever I'm in it lol. Anyway, I think it will also be breath of fresh air for me to try new things!

Like this Indie-ish outfit!

Top, Capri and Oxfords: Thrifted | Hat: SM Accessories

Built my outfit in this pretty Oxford shoes I bought in a Thrift Shop in Naga weeks ago. Looks new, right? Just can't resist this one because it's in pastel! 

Took this chance to wear this pink kawaii necklace from Fingertip Accessories because pink really looks good on mints!

So glad that this was the one that Fingertip Accessories gave me because I'm totally lovin' the statement! And the cutesy mini Lomo camera, omg! *u*

Wore this Fingertip Accessories crochet bow bracelet too to add cuteness on my look.

And look what I did to my ROMWE bow belt to get rid of the long excess end belt! You can try it too! It's so easy to make! ;)

And lastly to complete my indie-ish look, my favorite bowler hat from SM Accessories!

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  1. Love the oxfords! For how much mo po na-buy yan? :D

    1. Thanks! I bought that for only P250, I guess! ;)

  2. I miss the thrift shops in Naga. When I was in college, those were my go-to places! Love what you did with the belt, Jamie :)

    xx Daphne of Metamorphosis

    1. We should go ukay together when you come back here in Bicol! Hihi. Thanks Daf! <3


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