Neon Lights

6:52 PM

This is what I wore in our rehearsal of Modeling 101 Graduation Fashion Show! The Frances sisters told me to overdress because they are also overdressed. A-Fash sister to the rescue! Wore neon clothes and accessories for an instant eye-catching outfit! ;)

Top, skirt, vest and boots are all thrifted!

Fell in love with this necklace from Personalized Accessories! So edgy style and color! Can instantly make your outfit fab and edgy!

MNG bracelet

Thrifted Doc Martens-inspired boots. 

So yeah, about the Modeling 101. They decided to teach us again how to put our own make up for the preparation for our graduation fashion show. This time, with Van Avenilla of House of Vanilla! He taught us first on how to do a natural make up.

I was chosen to be the model for that session.

And this is how to contour! Lighten the parts that you want to be highlight on your face, and put shadows on your face by darkening them to put back the natural shadows on your face. Nose-line and below the cheekbone to make your face slimmer!

See the results in my face here? Looks so natural, right? Looks like I don’t have a make-up at all, but actually, that was really hard to achieve! Thanks to Kuya Van for teaching us this technique! *u*

You can still register to the Batch 2 of the Modelling 101 Naga! Make your fashion move!

Photography by Joyce Vasquez

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