Blown Away

7:46 PM

Here's my second set of clothes in A-Fash's photoshoot with Sassy Pink Shoppe iDesign by Juvy and the Kawaii: Photo and Printing Services

Dress used as top & Wedges: Thrifted | Mullet skirt: Sassy Pink Shoppe iDesign by Juvy 

I really enjoyed this photoshoot not just because of the nicest people I was with during the shoot, but also because of the location! We had this photoshoot in EcoPark, San Felipe, Cam Sur. And look how beautiful the location is! So scenic and can really make every photo so dramatic!

Yes! My dream skirt-flipping photo was made come true by the Kawaii team! So awesome and I just really love this mullet skirt from Sassy Pink Shoppe iDesign by Juvy!

 Collar necklace from Personalized Accessories. Make-up by Didi Vasquez.

Oh, you know how much I love bows! Didn't know which blue ring to wear for this outfit so I just wore both! The darker shade of blue bow ring is from Mel's Collection and the lighter one is from Fingertip Accessories. So lucky to have these sponsors! *u*

Thrifted Finsk wedges

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  1. The whole ensemble is just so Jamie Lou! Pretty! :)

    -Ate Joyce

  2. Pretty lady :)) The color suits you, specially the mullet.

  3. I love the second photo! :) Ah, it's been a while since I last visited Eco Park. I hope it has improved. :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. I don't know if it improved because it's my first time there. Hihi. But it's really really pretty there! *u* Thanks, Daf! ;)

  4. you look lovely... nice shoes too :)

  5. The place and the outfit suits you perfectly, Jamie! :)


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