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What a super late outfit post! A-Fash had this photoshoot on the first week of December, with the theme, Earth Tones!

 Top: Greenhills | Moto Jacket: Gift | Pants, Wedges: Thrifted

Didn’t know what to wear at first because, you know, my closet is full of pink and girly colors! Glad that I found this old moto jacket of mine! Just paired it up with a pastel colored tank top and my one and only brown pants. I can even count thru my fingers how many pairs of pants I have right now. lol I really seldom wear pants!

I missed wearing this moto jacket! I think, the last time I wore this was when I was still in high school. This was so me in high school! I’m kinda have this boyish/badass-ish taste in fashion before because I always try to hide my skin and girly features ‘cause I’m kinda conscious and insecure about it when I was younger. It was just in my early college years that I learned how to embrace the girly side of me and tried to wear some short dresses and sleeve less tops.

Forever 21 rings

Finsk wedges!

And yes, with my A-Fash sisters as always and their earth toned outfits too!  ;) 
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  1. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

    1. Oh, what a pretty blog! Followed! ;)

  2. I love the photos :) They look so peaceful :)

    xx, Edda


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