Sparkling Galaxy

8:00 PM

It's the second to the last wash day of the year! And Christmas is fast approaching too! So A-Fash decided to go sparkly this week!!

But instead of wearing glittery and sequined clothes, I decided to go sparkly by wearing a galaxy-print leggings from ROMWE! Ahh~ Isn't this just adorable? Can really make you on the spotlight without much effort! ..and not to mention can make people touch your legs too! lol :))

Top: OASAP | Leggings: ROMWE | Wedges: Melissa

Decided to pair it up with my favorite sheer chiffon blouse from OASAP! I'll never get tired of saying, this has the cutest bow knot back detail!! *u*

Rainbow chain bracelet from Mel's Collection.

Added a DIY sparkly ring to add more justice to the theme.

I was supposed to wear glittered stilettos for that day, but because of the rainy weather, I opted to wear this jelly wedges to be more appropriate. Matchy matchy color and bow with my OASAP top!

With my A-Fash sissies! and also with our Sassy Pink Shoppe tote bags! Thanks Ate Juvy for these!

BTW, we had this photoshoot last 12.12.12! Well, maybe 12.12.12 was a really lucky day, because it was for us!! A famous Ateneo brand, IgKnight, just invited A-Fash to do a collaboration with them! You should watch out for that!! ;)

 IgKnight was also asking people that day about their 12.12.12 wishes. And do you know what A-Fash wrote? "Sana everyday, wash day!" Haha Yes! We'd be really happy if that will happen! Fact: We're the only Ateneo school which still have uniforms! lol. Well, I'm really hoping for that. Before I graduate, at least!!

So yeah, did I sparkle enough for you? Don't forget to leave a comment! ;)

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and IgKnight's page here.

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  1. Replies
    1. Especially the last photo! you look so pretty!

    2. Hee.. Thank you so much, Jen! *insert kilig face here* loljk ;)

  2. Love the Oasap top and Romwe leggings Yen! :)

    -Ate Joyce

  3. I love the last photo, Jamie!!!!! The leggings look gorgeous as well <3

    xx Daphne of

  4. I love your leggings!! *hearts* And the bow top, of course! So pretty~

  5. You're so prettyyy!! <3 I love your leggings! <3 :)


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