The Interview

8:58 PM

Who knew that I would be a newscaster someday?! LOL just kidding~ I just found this newscaster microphone at GNN studio. /totally enojoyed it/ Hey! D'you know what I did there?! Hee.. If you're in Naga, maybe you'd already watched my episode at GNN!! *u*

Who knew that I could be invited by a local TV station in Naga City about the things that I do?! o___O

Just last October, I've got an invite from GNN to guest on their talk show, Lifestyle Central with Eva and Tess. Just another thing to be thankful about this 2012! What a great year for me! Well, who knows that I could reach this far? Well, not yet that far, I know. But this is something big, you think?

Being in front of this camera made me really nervous... It's my first time to be interviewed in front of a camera. And btw, no rehearsals for this interview! I wasn't even given a chance to know the questions first before the interview. So yeah, it was really nerve-racking!

^Yea, this is my nervous face! Hahaha

With my interviewer, Ate Tess, who happens to be my schoolmate in elementary! 

The interview was great! It went well, I went well, yes I'd like to believe so! Despite of the few air gaps. Haha. I really felt good after this interview, what a great accomplishment! And somewhat, boosted my self-esteem too! Thank you so much GNN for having me! *u*

So! Who's up for an outfit post? ;) I was able to get few snaps of my outfit before heading to the GNN studio. So.. Here's what I wore to my GNN interview!

Thought that this event was a chance for me to introduce myself to the Bicolano public, so I opted the wear the girliest clothes I can find in my closet! Me = Girly okayy~

Peterpan collared top + Lace/Tutu skirt + Pastel wedges + Bows and Pearls = How girly could this outfit get?

Top: Greenhills | Skirt and Wedges: Thrifted | Bag: Parisian

The first ever nail art that I did myself! Did this for an hour. lol Just as girly as my outfit!

Bow hairclip from Fingertip Accessories. FA never fails to make me girly!

And of course, my favorite thrifted finsk wedges!

Hope you liked this (despite of the very long post) as much as I liked this one of the highlights of my 2012! Hope you had a nice 2012 too! Happy new year!! xx

P.S. I'll post the video of my interview as soon as I get it! Just wanna share. Hee~ IDK what channel GNN is in Bicol, but I know GNN is available at Sky Cable nationwide! ;)

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  1. Wow, what channel is that? Hahaha. I didn't get to watch it :(

    1. I think it varies per location. It's available in SkyCable and free network here in Bicol. Don't worry! I'll post the video of my interview as soon as I get it! *u*

  2. Super girly!! Love the whole outfit <3 Congratulations to you, Yen! :D


  3. AHH! CONGRATS, GIRL! That's a really big accomplishment!! :D Love the girly look on you always! And the nail art <3

    1. It really is!! *u* Thank you so much, Nades!!! ;*

  4. WOW! as in W-O-W! Congrats GURL! :))) Big accomplishment and good as stepping stone. Ikaw na talaga. *bow head* You're really cute Jamie:)))

    1. Heeeeeee~ I know! Can't believe this will happen too. Hihi. Thank you so much, Ajah! *u*

  5. supe cute shoes, love your look. x
    Instagram @littleprettymess


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