A-FASHion Challenge with IgKnight

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Yay! A collaboration of A-Fash and IgKnight!! A late blog post, but anyway, this is worth the wait! lol~ On the last wash day of last year, before the Christmas vacation started, IgKnight challenged us to wear their awesome shirt and make it fashionable even though it’s just a shirt. I really love this challenge because this proves that you can be fashionable even with just a simple shirt. You just have to be creative in styling. :)

IgKnight is a student-oriented entity established to primarily boost Ateneo de Naga's School Spirit and place it on the map of great and known academic institutions in the country, then eventually the world. IgKnight’s primary purpose is to provide apparel and merchandise to encourage students to be Pro-APE: Ateneo, Pinoy, Environment!

The company name IgKnight is a combination of the name of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a former knight himself and the founder of the Society of Jesus, and Knight which are vital symbols of the Ateneo de Naga University. IgKnight, being a homophone of the word Ignite, partially takes on its definition. And thus to “IgKnight” is to set the Knighthood, full of chivalry and valor, in every Atenean on fire! Awesome, right?

I’m so happy to model again for IgKnight, in spite of the fact that I also work for them in the marketing department. Lol~ I also once modeled for them last August for our org’s shirt.


Here’s AJMA’s (Ateneo Junior Marketers Association) shirt! Which is going to be out soon, btw! So cute design and so meaningful! Monkey business! loljk~ 3 monkeys doing what marketers do, the opposite of the blind, deaf and mute. Observe, listen and talk! That’s what IgKnight does best! Creating great concepts and designs for shirts!! Awesome, just awesome!

Top: IgKnight shirt | Skirt: Thrifted | Wedges: OASAP

So yes, let’s go to the outfit details! The top was so great that I hesitated to crop it like what other A-Fash members did! I opted to wear what I do best in dressing up, girly-ing up! So I decided to pair it with my girliest tulle skirt, and pumped up with my OASAP shoes.

A closer look to the Sword-Shield shirt from IgKnight. Swear, they have the best quality of prints in shirts! Decided to wear my simple DIY collar necklace to add details, but not to take much attention on the top. I made sure that the IgKnight shirt will still be the detail on spotlight. 
Yen’s Butingthings will come back soon with this collar necklaces! Watch out! ;)

Thrifted tulle skirt. Bracelet from Paradise Treats. Decided to glam up with a glitter belt too. Simple detail but can really talk too much.

Bow, wings, cupcake! Cuteness all over with these accessories from Fingertip Accessories!

And lastly, my ever favorite sky-high wedges from OASAP!

Since this is a fashion challenge, of course there will be a winner! IgKnight will be picking 4 finalists for this challenge and the photo with most likes and the blog that generated the most page views to IgKnight’s page will be the winner! So support your fave fash blogger, okay?! ;)

Keep updated with IgKnight and this challenge! Like IgKnight Inc here.

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  1. Love how all of you styled the shirt in different ways! :D


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sam! Hope you like your photos too. Hihi. :3

  3. The look is so you, Jamie! Good job! Your post, as well as Sam's and Joyce and Didi's made me miss Ateneo. :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

    1. When are you going to visit Naga again? Let's meet!!!! Hihi. :> Thanks, Daf! *u*

  4. Patootie Jamieeee :3 Hehehe. You look pretty, AS ALWAYS. ☻

    xOx ajah

    1. Awwe!! AS ALWAYS talaga? Hihihi. You're so sweet Ajah! Thank you!! *u*

  5. The skirt <333

    xx, Edda


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