Bow Dots

6:59 PM

Dots! Dots! Dots! A-Fash decided to wear polka dots on our first wash day of the year! Totally a great way to welcome 2013! So far, A-Fash’s start of the year was great. A lot of opportunities are coming. Collaborations with local brands, and a fashion show soon! ;)

Top & Oxfords: Thrifted | Jeans: Greenhills

My outfit’s kinda simple. I was in a lazy dressing up mood that day because I was upset of school starting again. Ahhh~ I love Christmas vacation! My outfit still has the Christmas feel, don’t you think? ;)

Cutiepatootie bow on my beret! I got this bow from my stuff toy and just attached a safety pin on it then, wallah~ I now have a bow on my beret! And now you have an idea too! Hihi.

 Thrifted Oxfords

Then my A-Fash sissies with their polka dot outfit too! I’m so much hoping for a great, great year for us! If you want to collaborate with us too, feel free to message us on our page! ;)

Photos taken by Didi Vasquez. Processed by me.

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  1. The top is so Taylor Swift-y!! :D Jamie, you're the thrift queen master!!! Love your shoes! I want to go to Naga na because of you and your thrifting skills hahaha

    1. Hahaha! I'd love to tour you in our thrift store paradise! Hahaha :)) Tell me if ever you'll visit Bicol. Let's meet!!! Hihi. Thank you, thank you, Nades! *u*

  2. Everything is perfect! :) I love you Oxfords <3

    xx, Edda


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