Laces and Ruffles (Cheap.Chic outfit)

8:02 PM

Howdy? Do I look Korean-ish here? ‘Cause that’s my peg today! Been trying Korean poses too! Hee~ Korean fashion. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this top that Cheap.Chic gave me! Don’t you think that this top is just so girly with the laces, ruffles and all? *u*

Cheap.chic is an online Asian/Korean fashion store that offers ladies clothing of high quality at affordable prices.

Top: Cheap.Chic | Heels: SO! Fab

The top came with a lace tank top and a pink ruffled cover up, so you can wear them separately. Here’s what it looks like without the cover up. Lovely lace top! *u*

Decided to put this bow accessory made by my A-Fash sissy, Abby, to add cuteness in my outfit! Ugh~ I’m such a sucker for bows! *u* Thank you so much Abby for this gift!

Bow hair clip from Fingertip Accessories.

Bows! Bows! Bows! Crochet bow bracelet from Fingertip Accessories. Black bow ring from Forever 21. And gold bow ring from Sassy Pink Shoppe!

My DIY collar necklace! I already had 2 orders of this! Hee~ If you want to order too, just contact me here. It’s available for P150 only! ;)

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    1. IDK. Just found it when I fixed my closet the other day. I think my mom bought it when I was still in ballet :))


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