IgKnight x A-Fash Collaboration

12:01 AM

This collaboration will be one for the ages, but it definitely won't be the last.

A-FASHion Challenge with IgKnight
The challenge: Make your IgKnight shirt look fashionable.
The task: Pose at the photoshoot and blog about the experience.
The decision: From the Top 3, the ultimate winner will be selected based on the following:
45% - Facebook Likes
35% - IgKnight Panel's Rating
20% - Page Referrals
The prize: Blog giveaways, Title of being one of the first winners of the challenge and a huge opportunity to support the groups' advocacies.

The Top 3 Finalists: 
Ajah Avila of The Pumps Demoiselle
Sam Abiog of Fresh Start
Frances Sisters of Frances and Flair

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