Edgy Patootie

7:12 PM

Just a quick outfit post, loves! I just thought I had to make up for my long absence in my blog. Hee~ Here's what I wore for a special day with James. I wanted my outfit to be cute and a little edgy, and I came up with this! 

Top: Greenhills | Skirt & Boots: Thrifted | Accessories: Cutie Patooties 

Denim button-down from Greenhills

Thrifted Polka dot skirt 

I kinda like now the wearing straight-cut or pencil-cut skirts paired with a button-down or over-sized tops. Seems so girly and shows some sexiness. What do you think?

Accessories from Cutie Patooties

Showing my cuteness with these cutiepatootie accessories from Cutie Patooties!! The bow ring (which is actually the bow in my header!), and the bracelet with cutie danglings! Can you recognize me in the 2nd photo? OMG that's me in a bracelet! lol~ I love how my co-A-Fash member, the maker of this accessories, Pam made this sooo me! I love my bangs there and the bow on my hair! Hee~ And the other danglings, cupcake, bow and donut. You can also order your customized bracelet like this one at Cutie Patooties! ;)

Gap bag, Thrifted 

Studded boots, Thrifted

That's it! Hope you all had a great Sunday!
xx, Jamie

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  1. Thank you Yen! Great outfit as always ^_^ <3

  2. Thanks Yen! Lovely outfit as always <3 :)

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely accessories!!! *u*

  3. Love the accessories very much! And your bangs as well hihi:)


  4. Cuuuute! But we were expecting a photo of you and James with the matching outfits!

    Ate Joyce

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nades! They're thrifted! *u*


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