Make Love, Not War ☮

8:08 PM

Hippies originated in the 60’s or 70’s. They are the ones who embrace life to the fullest. Promotes peace, love and happiness. A-Fash decided to have this theme last week. I’ve known that hippies are the styles with bandos, loose clothes, round glasses and artsy prints. A little the same with the bohemian style. I’m not sure if there are differences in each style, but I would interpret each style differently.

 Head-to-toe, Thrifted

I built my outfit with my orange over-sized pants. I thought it would really look hippie-ish, and decided to put all the details on my top.

Printed top, detailed crochet vest, plus all the detailed and colorful accessories.

Aztec necklace: Personalized Accessories

Fell in love with this leopard eyewear from SM the first time I saw it few months ago, but it’s only available with glass lens grades on. Heart-breaking, right? But I saw it on sale last week! So I thought of some things I can do for me to still wear it… remove the glass lenses! Yup, it’s very easy to do. A bit scary ‘cause you might break the glass frame or the lens, so you better be careful with it and with yourself too. Just hold the frame firmly and push the glass lens out.

Eyewear: SM Accessories | Egyptian earrings: Gift

And oh, it’s my first time to wear a pair of big earrings! If you would notice, I’m not really a fan of earrings. But this is a gift from my fashionista friend Cecille, so this is an exception! Plus the Egyptian detail is really cute!

 Purple bracelets from CaLee Shoppe

My most earth-friendy arm party! Added also my new bracelets from CaLee Shoppe, the Peace bracelet that really suits my hippie theme. Promoter of peace!
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Here’s A-Fash with me with our hippie outfits! I really love walking around the school with these girls! Ahh~ Just like in movies! Haha. But we’re not the mean girls! lol BTW, we’re currently looking for new members! There are some members that will graduate this March, so… :( Anyway, an A-Fash member must be an Atenean, fashionista, have a fashion platform like blog or Lookbook, and are willing to power dress up with a theme every Wednesday! If you are one, or know a friend that can be a member, feel free to message us!

Photography by Didi Vasquez


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    1. Awwwe! Thank you, Nades! :"> I've finally got out of my comfort zone! *u*

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne Di! You have a cute name! *u*

  3. Love your pants yen! I wish I could find something similar sa ukay haha! I'm not so lucky when it comes to bottoms >.<

    1. You should look at kid's section! Hahaha. Just joking Pam! You're so payat kasi. Ako ginagawa ko, pinaparepair ko na lang. Hihi. Thanks btw, Pam! *u*

  4. hey, new follower pretty blog and pretty outfit ;)
    follow back, if you like. x andy

    1. Awwe, thank you! And thanks for following me Andy! xx


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