4:31 PM

A-Fash decided to have a military fashion inspired theme because camouflage is such a trend today. But since I do not have a camouflage print on my closet yet. I decided to just stick with military colors. Just threw up my trusty moto-jacket I had since high school. This is my kind of clothing back then. Mehehe. Can you believe I'm this boyish before? :3 And of course, a military look wouldn't be complete with a pair of combat boots!

Top, Jacket & Boots: Thrifted | Jeggings: Herbench

I'm not really good at these styles now, honestly. I just hope this worked out, somehow. Hee~ Hope you like it! ;)


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  1. Hi :D Where do you buy your thrifted clothes? Thanks

    1. Usually in Naga City. Thrift stores are awesome there!! ;)


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