New In (Ready For Summer!)

8:30 PM

A break from outfit posts today! Here are some of the things I recently got from sweet people, shops and sponsors! Some are not really that new because I already received them few months ago, but it will be the first time they will appear here in my blog! I still haven't used some off them. I've been just waiting for summer to come. Hihi. It's been a while since I've last posted about my new stuff. I think I was still in Tumblr when I last did that! Hee~ So yeah, stuff so perfect for summer! Woot!~ 

First hot stuff! My under the sea wedges! This was given to me by our family friend in Korea. *wink* Ooh~ This is so perfect for our Misibis Bay trip this May! Can't wait, can't wait! I've been also eyeing  for cute but conservative swimsuits lately.. I'm not really a swimwear kind of girl, not really comfortable of showing some skin! Haha.

Yay for this second stuff! My cat ears hat from ROMWE! Eeee~ This is just so pretty! I've waited for quite a long time for this. Hihi. Kinda obsessed with cat goodies right now. :3 So excited to make an outfit post wearing this!!! 

Next is my pretty pink flipflops given to me by Havaianas! Remember when I blogged for them? Hihi. So thankful to be a blogger for Havaianas! I'm so looking forward to working with them again soon! ;) Thank you Havaianas Naga! *u*

And lastly, my limited edition Ray Ban Wayfarers from David Guison! I won this from his Ray Ban Legend giveaway! *u*

He even got a letter for me! With his signature. Yeah~ 

Photo from      |     Read his blog post about his trip in Bicol here

Glad that he had a trip in Bicol that time when I won this. He got to give my prize personally! David really fell in love with Bicol! We're meeting every year for 3 years now. Haha. This time, we met in CWC where he and his friends were checked in. 

Right photo from Miko Carreon

David felt kinda shy when I asked for a whole body photo with him (just because I'm wearing boots!), he said he's just in his pambahay clothes! Haha. But he honestly still looks good! And his hair still looks awesome even when he's just bagong gising! lol I also got to meet his friend Miko Carreon, but I forgot to ask for a photo with him! Ugh~ Overwhelmed with my RayBans eh? But I wasn't able to meet the couple Gerd and Angeline because they were still asleep that time. lol 

So yeah, these are just few things that you'll soon be seeing in my outfit posts! 
Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making this. Hihi. :>
Have a great summer everyone! xx

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  1. Wedges and hat are so pretty!!! *.*

    xx Daphne of

    1. They really are! hihi. Thank you Ate Daf! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah! I'm so excited to use it! Hihi. Thanks Ate D! ;)


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