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Heya spotlighters! (Can I just call you like that? Hee~) Did you miss me? Sorry for my absence in this blog! I've been in a serious hell week these past weeks and just after it ended, I was on a vacation mode immediately. Hooray for sleep-all-day-and-wake-up-for-food kind of days!~

Forgive me for my laziness~ Anyhoo! I'm back with this wonderful blog post!! So pretty photos right? *u* 

I had this photo shoot a week ago with Mr. Reuben Malimban. He's one awesomesauce photographer! He's also really easy to get along with, which can really be a great trait for a photographer. I was really impressed with his works. He said that photography was just his hobby, but hey! He works as if he's really a pro! Totally happy with the result of my photos! Plus, I really enjoyed our shoot even though it was really tiring because we had this shoot in the highest building in Naga!! 7 floors, and we took the stairs! (whew!) But it's totally worth it! 

The place was totally amazing! Old, abandoned, so vintage-y, and it was freakin' high! I can see the whole city on the top of the building! (Oh crap~ I just remembered that I forgot to take pictures of the scenery. TT____TT)

And hey! Reuben even found my spotlight in this building!!! OH EM GEE~ Totally satisfied in this shoot! Haha! XD

I got a photo of the shoot location a week before the shoot, so I get my inspiration of my outfit in the location. I thought red and black would really work out in this kind of location. So yes, just classy red and black it is!

I was also inspired by Taylor Swift again in this outfit. Re-eh-eh-ed, re-eh-eh-ed~ Can't get enough of Taylor! Well, she's really amazing. I totally love her, and her latest album, RED.

Red lippies from Happy Margarita

Even though my outfit's edgy, I still couldn't forget about bows!~

Bow ring & nail polish, Forever 21

Introducing the newest addition to my growing boots collection! My new favorite black chunky platform boots! Just what I am needing! I got this from a thrift store! *wink wink*

Oh, by the way! We had this shoot for Mr. Reuben Malimban's project on A-Fash, the Bloggers' Profile!
See how I answered the question, what did I learn from blogging?
So yes, this is my blogger's profile! Enjoy watching! ;)

P.S. Thank you so much Mr. Reuben for this awesome shoot!
P.P.S. Spotlighters! You still have 2 days left to join my CaLee Shoppe Giveaway! ;)

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  1. Love the rugged feel of the set and the edgy boots Jaime:)


    1. Glad you love it! Thank you, Jem! ;)

  2. It's very nice to see you mature Yen. Love everything about this post.

    Ate J :)

    1. Can't belive I'm maturing either.. Haha. Thank you Ate J! ;*

  3. Love this post yen! Love your outfit here especially the boots meehee ^_^

    <3 Pam :D

    1. Super late reply lang! Hahaha. Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa ata 'to LOL
      Thank you Pammyyyy!! <3


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