What's Next?

7:27 PM

I've been hooked up with pants and boots lately. Finally getting out of my comfort zone, I guess? There are really some times that I feel so different, weird, sad, uninspired.. and sometimes I cannot hide it that it reflects the way I dress up myself. Have you noticed my sudden change of styles lately? I think it's because I'm in this process of decision-making on what to do with my life. I'll be in my last year of college next school year. And I just can't help but to think, what's next after that? What's next with Jamie?

Top & Boots: Thrifted | Pants: RRJ

This is another late blog post from me. I hope you'd not feel weird that my bangs appear and disappear in this blog. Hihi. I still have a lot of outfit photos to post. Mostly with A-Fash. This shoot's theme was anything Knitted. This was the time when it was still cold and summer hasn't started okay. :p

Boots: Thrifted

Hey, anyway.. I am thinking of changing my blog layout because it doesn't seem to match my even changing styles lately. A cleaner monochrome look, maybe? What do you think? :)

P.S. Thanks to Jaime Bancolita for taking these photos.


By the way gals!! I'm selling Cat Ears Headbands inspired by Taylor Swift! Hihi. I'm selling these @ P100-P120 only! This costs P250-P300 in other stores! *wink* 

See more photos here.

Pick your choice! Contact me @ 09328880936 or PM me on Facebook to order! *u*

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  1. OMG. I. So. Love. Your. Outfit! :)



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