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Sometimes you just have to let go. We’re really used to worrying about things in our future, that we already forget how to live in the moment. Yes, maybe it is okay to worry about our future, but it’s just so wrong to let this interfere with our present. We don’t anymore have the past, we still don’t have the future, but what we have is now. So ease up! Live in the moment, and fly!

I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with my future lately. I don’t know how many times I’ve blogged this before, but I really am worrying about my future, but at the same time excited with it. *sigh* I’m really anxious about it. I’ll be graduating this coming school year, and I still haven’t figured out my life would be after school, I don’t know if I want to work for a company or just run my own business, like what I’ve always planned. 

The future is so uncertain. And this anxiety is eating me up. But I know I need to ease up. So here I am with my free-spirited get up again. I wear bohemian style whenever I feel uncertain about things and want to ease up. Fashion really helps me a lot. Fashion indeed is not just wearing pretty clothes. It’s about expressing yourself and what you’re feeling at the moment.

Pullover & Boots: Thrifted | Shorts: Guess

But yeah, maybe you’d notice that I don’t have bangs in here. It is because this is another late post from January. Hee~ Better late than never, ayt? *wink*

Aztec Necklace from Personalized Accessories
Wings ring from Fingertip Accessories to match my eagle shirt!
DM-inspired boots, Thrifted

"So I just let go of what I know I don't know
And I know I'll only do this by
Living in the moment"
- Living In The Moment by Jason Mraz


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  1. love your top!:)your shots looks so refreshing..

  2. Your boots are so pretty! Can't believe it's thrifted! :)

    Jamie Kate
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