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3:31 PM

I’m putting my anxiety (and boredom) into a good use by turning it into something nice like art. After back-reading my blog for the last days, I suddenly missed dressing up girly. Gosh, I’ve been a really style bipolar these past few months! Boho, classic, edgy? I guess, this really happens whenever I feel uncertain about myself. I dress up according to my mood. I actually think I’ve been rebellious lately? Hmm.. But yeah, I’m in the mood on something girly today! I think I’ll be sticking to girly style again. I’m missing the old me a lot. (Been ranting about it on my Tumblr!) Sweet, simple, good girl. *wink*

Photos were taken by ..tripod and timer! Processed by me. I srsly need a photographer here in my hometown. It’s so tiring to do this all by myself. :( But yeah, I have camera remote control and a 50mm lens coming up! Can’t waittttt~

DIY Floral Headband
Got the inspiration of this on Jennifer of Art In Our Blood and Connie of K is for Kani who always wear floral headbands like this. Something different from floral crowns! I’m thinking of selling this… but err, may bibili kaya? Hee~

“Take out all your wasted honor
Every little past  frustarion
Take all of your so called problems
Better put them in quotations”
- Say by John Mayer


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  1. cuute <3

  2. defintely love the girly style on you! i think that you have mastered it already. :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

    1. Awwwe really? *o* Hihi. Thank you! I really looove being girly! *wink*

  3. This is the most pinkish site I've been visiting. So girly! Hahahaha! Hmm, I really want floral crowns also, but I want something bigger flowers, or basta more bonggacious. But I'm so lazy to do it by myself. Boo! :)) You're using remote control na pala. Better than timer or not?

    xx Diana

    1. I'm thinking of bigger flowers nga din eh~ Kaso wala pa ko nahahanap. Hihi. :3
      Yes! Super better than timer! Haha. Nakakapagod bumalik-balik sa cam every shot! LOL :)) Besides, you can use the remote + timer at the same time naman. Just in time to hide the remote in your hands or at your back. Hihi. Tricia Gosingtian does that too! ;)


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