Bipolar Weather

11:50 AM

It’s getting really hard to dress up everyday when you know that the weather’s getting so bipolar nowadays. You’ll wake up in the morning with dark clouds, expecting that the day would be cold and rainy, but in just a few hours later, it’ll be really hot and sunny. Well, talk about bipolar weather... -___-

Glad that I wore a dress inside my sweater dress!! I was really feelin’ the Korean winter vibe on my outfit, but I was just able to enjoy my sweater dress in my first class in the morning. Then after that, it was just my waist that enjoyed my sweater lol. /hashtag nonsense hahahahaha k ._.

Dress: gift | Sweater dress & Boots: Thrifted
Animal Print Bow Necklace: Nikzie Ciap

My favorite boots! ..that I always wear during the rainy days! Got to avoid baha! loljk

How about you? What would you wear on a bipolar weather day? :)

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  1. Love your outfit! Might wear the same too. It's better to be always prepared. :)


  2. Gorgeous outfit! <3

  3. It's the other way around here in Manila, you're going to the office or school with a very sunny morning then you're going home at the end of the day raining cats and dogs. Manila people or students are just always ready with their umbrella and jacket. What's worse in here is the sudden flood in just a few hours of heavy rainfall. Maybe we really need a rubber boots. Haha :))

    xx Diana

  4. cute outfit esp the sweater + skirt one :)


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