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 Few weeks ago, A-Fash decided to have the theme Korean Fashion for our weekly shoot. Many people who had seen us said that we’re not so K-Pop. Well~ on my defense, Korean Fashion is not just exclusive to K-Pop. There are a lot more Korean Fashion to get inspirations from. There are the Korean dramas, online magazines, etc.

For me, I settled for a more laidback outfit and decided to get inspirations from my all-time favorite K-drama series, Heartstrings! My peg here is Gyoo-Won, the lead actress on Heartstrings, and the reason for the title! ;) I remember how Gyoo-Won would always tend to wear a maxi skirt and a crop top, paired with rubber shoes. It’s really amazing how Koreans can pull off any outfit with just a pair of rubber shoes! Seems so contrasting, but they can just pull it off! I even thought of wearing one, but I just settled for a simple pair of sneakers just to be safer. Hihi. Wish I could live in Korea or Japan someday, so that I could wear anything that I want, no restrictions, no thinking about others feedback.

Top & Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: SM | Bag: OASAP

Bag: OASAP | Piano ring: Fingertip Accessories

And here’s the A-Fash with their Korean Fashion-inspired outfit, too! We have more male members now! Yay!! Don’t they look just so cute? Group of guys appreciating fashion too! Awesome~ I am totally happy that my A-Fash family is growing! Seems like there are more people who wants to join us now, hihi. But we’d love to have every member to really have what it takes to be an A-Fash member! Those who can really represent the group even as an individual. *wink*

So how’d you like my Korean Fashion-inspired outfit? Yay or nay? I’d love to know what you think! ;)

P.S. I have 2 giveaways running as of now! Click here to join! :)


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  1. Lucky you for having an asian look! gusto ko 'to! Simple yet remarkable look Jamie!:)

    1. Hihi yes! =)) Thanks Kuya Patrick! Glad you appreciated this look! ;)

  2. All the boys are so adorable, especially the guy on the far left, he's the winner for me. :) He looks like Tricia G.'s brother. Cute!!! <3

    xx Diana

    1. Ooh yes! He really looks like Tricia G.'s brother! ^_^
      He's Rajae Matubang, from Daet also! ;)

  3. I love this look! And i have to get your green skirt <3

  4. I love your green skirt Yen! Wish I could wear long skirts too! :)
    Lovely photos as always ^_^

    xx Pam

    1. Why not? I had a dilemma on maxi skirts before too! I thought it would just make me look shorter or whatevv~ But I think it depends on styling! Plus the skirt I'm wearing here is pleated, has vertical lines on it, so it would make me look taller! Hihi. :3


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