Dolled Up in Green

8:08 PM

Dolled up in green in our Dress Up Day! I've already blogged a most of my outfits in our past dress up days here. For those who doesn't know what Dress Up Day for Ateneans is, it is a one whole regular class day when all the students in Ateneo are encouraged to wear their corporate attires, for practice in the real world. Well, others are annoyed with it, others call it as the band-aid day (because it's a "tiis-ganda" day for them), but some are also thankful for it, like us A-Fash, it's a day to challenge ourselves and look extra fashionable even in our corporate attires! We still managed to have a theme for us even though a corporate theme is already given. This Dress Up Day's theme is monochrome!

So here I am, dolled up in shades of green! I just put everything up last minute! Good thing, my first class on Wednesdays is 10:30am. Hihi. I opted to wear super corporate attire in my past dress up days, because it's most of the time required for us business students. But now, I decided to go classy fash corporate!

Head-to-toe Thrifted!

I based my outfit on this mint blazer that I found in a thrift store here in Naga. My inspiration here was my forever fashion inspiration, Tricia G! I really love how she can wear slouchy blazers, but still manage to look sexy and classy! Err~ I'm not kinda sure if I had pulled this of. Hihihihi. Anyway~

The houndstooth trend is coming back! Been ransacking the thrift stores here in Naga for this trend! My mom and I always talk about fashion, and I've once shared to her that houndstooth print is a big trend today, and she told me that it also used to be a trend before. Actually, houndstooth has been around the fashion scene since 1800s in Scotland, and the trend just comes back every now and then. I think it really looks classy even with different colors! but black and white is the classic one! *u*

Heels: Thrifted

And to match everything up, I also painted my nails in a shade of green! I'm really lovin' this BK Scented Nail Polish from I am Polished! I'm actually addicted to the scent of it! Can't stop smelling my nails from time to time. Oh, is that weird? lol The scent is actually good. It smells really fresh, so I instantly feel I have freshly clean nails all the time! I'm really lovin' it, the scent, quality, and color! I think I might want to pick more shades soon!
Ayhoo, I have an upcoming giveaway in collab with I am Polished! (sorry I'm so two-thousand-and-late to post it, still haven't processed the photos! but I already announced this on my blog before. hihi) I'll be giving away one BK Scented Nail Polish and more goodies from I am Polished too! *wink*

Sooo... How do you like my corporate attire? Hope you'd show some love on the comment box below!


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