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"Remember, some people in Ateneo de Naga University may hate you but the more important thing is that the whole Philippines is celebrating your style and passion."

Those were the exact words Bjorn told us to keep our heads up and get us going with the thing we most love, fashion. I think that was the most inspiring words I've ever heard. As a group of fashionistas in a place where fashion is just about to bloom, I think it's not inescapable for us to get haters from time to time. Gosh, that guy is so inspiring! For those who do not know him yet, he's a very young, amazing fashion photographer of various famous magazines here in the Philippines. He's also the photographer and one of the ambassadors of SM Youth. You can read more about how awesome he is here.

#AwkwardPoseBesideAFamousPerson lol

He visited the City of Naga last July 2-4 to capture street style fashion of the Nagueños, for his project KALSADA. Kalsada is an interactive info website that celebrates Philippine street style with an image gallery showcasing photographs of well-dressed Filipinos that will be captured by the proponent from twenty-six key cities in the Philippines. And yours truly, with A-Fash, were the ones to accommodate him and his mom in their trip here in Naga. It was a very short visit, but fun! Bjorn and his mom are so friendly and down-to-earth! Can't wait to see them again this September! He will be one of the speakers for AdNU's Alternative Class Program this sem. :)

It's such a pleasure to get my photo taken by Bjorn Manila! This is what I wore on the first day of meeting Bjorn. Decided to wear comfy clothes because we did some walking around Naga to capture some fashionistas on streets. And hey! We did some thrift shopping too! Hihi. :3
Browse here to see more photos of the KalsadaPH in Naga.

Second day of Bjorn in Naga was intended to meet the A-Fash and capture other Ateneans in their fash outfits too. I always opt to wear laid-back clothes when going to school. But I always make sure to make my outfit fash too, without sacrificing comfort. *wink*

Top: Maldita's Stop | Skirt, Cardigan & Boots: Thrifted | Bag: Romwe

Sorry for the uneven tuck-in. Hee~ This is actually a fringe top, but cutout clothes is not allowed in Ateneo, so I just decided to make this cutie Geek top from Maldita's Stop look like a bow-knot end top. Hihi. What do you think?

Bag: Romwe
Decided to match a colorful armparty with my very colorful outfit too! Hee~ Very me!

Lomo Cam Necklace: Fingertip Accessories
Boots: Thrifted
Geeking out with my SM Accessories eyewear! Hee~ 
I am really proud to be a part of KalsadaPH! Bjorn's search for fashionistas around the Philippines is not done yet! Keep updated with KalsadaPH's destinations in their page. Who knows? Bjorn might visit your place too! ;)

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