Rusty Train

9:05 AM

Awesome photo, right? Looks like I'm inside a film. Err~ If you get what I mean... Haha!
Few weeks ago, I've had an awesome shoot with some Digital Illustration and Animation students from Ateneo. It was a fun shoot with fun people! It's my first time to go to PNR, and I'm sure that it's not going to be my last! Railroads, trains, junks, and more trains!! omg~ I was invited to model, but I was tempted a hundred times to borrow the photographer's camera to shot some photos (I forgot to bring my camera, dammit!) because the location is just so vintage-y junky cool.

Cat Hat: Romwe
Exploring this rusty train! Hee~

I was asked to dress up with the theme urban and vintage. This is the urban set, and this is what I've come up with! I'm not really sure what exactly urban style is, but what came up to my mind immediately was blacks, denims, plaids and edgy boots! I styled it minutes just before I went to the location! Haha late ._.

Top: Scrunch | Shorts: Guess | Boots: Thrifted

Aztec Necklace: Personalized Accessories | Eyewear: SM Accessories

And my most favorite photo of all. :3

I am now waiting for this train to take me anywhere... ♪♬

Thank you Ja, Paul, and the rest of the team for the awesome photos! (and for the Pizza Hut snacks! lol)

Photography by:


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  1. So pretty! I like the first and last photo. :) Can't wait for the vintage set. :)

  2. Super awesome photos Yen from super awesome photographers! Bet na bet hehe!

    I wish I could go to PNR din to have a shoot there soon lol! :D

    XX Pam

    1. BET <3
      Haha! Thanks, Pam! Yes, I hope A-Fash could have a shoot there too! We'll make that happen!! Hihi :>

  3. I love the urban feel of this post - your clothes and the set :) Anyway, I like your new header. :)

    1. Awwwe! Glad that someone noticed my header!!! HAHA. Thanks for appreciating <3

  4. So awesome outfit <3


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