Bicol Fashion Week Wave 2

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OMG! There’s a Bicol Fashion Week fast approaching again!! *u* 
The BFW will have its second wave this September 5 to 9, 2013! This is going to be a five day event, held at several key locations in both Naga and Legazpi city! There will be fashion bazarre, fashion party(!), inauguration of the newly established Association of Bicolano Models (ABM), and fashion shows showcasing different designers of Bicoladia, and of course, four of the best designers in Manila, which shall be the biggest mystery of the event! 

Want a clue? Hmm.. ‘Cause I'm gonna be spoiling to you guys ALL of the four major designers in the Bicol Fashion Week Wave 2

*scroll, scroll, scroll*

Here they are! (L-R) Miss Zandra Lim-Imasa, Mr. Simon Ariel Vasquez, Mr. Chris Jasler, and Mr. Xernan Orticio

Such big names in the fashion industry! Most (or all) of them, I think, are Bicolanos! Making me feel proud to be a Bicolano! If you haven't heard of them yet, my co-Bicol bloggers wrote about them in their blogs to make you guys more excited for the Bicol Fashion Week Wave 2! They're really worth knowing. Swear, their talent is admirable. They're someone to be proud of, especially for us Bicolanos and even for all Filipinos, because they're also known nationally and internationally!

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Read more about Mr. Xernan Orticio

I’ll always be thankful for these kind of events. Bicol is finally celebrating fashion! We’re getting there, Bicolanos! We’re getting there! ;) 
What’s more exciting is that the Bicol bloggers will finally be a part of it! So excited to see you guys there also! Keep updated with the Bicol Fashion Week Wave 2! 

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