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A month late blog post! Hee *sorry~*
Anyhoo~ This shoot was done in collaboration with Fabulously and Absolutely Rural Made or what they also call as F.A.R.M.!

F.A.R.M is a social enterprise that makes use of discarded buttons and fabrics to create unique and innovative products.

The Ateneans who work with F.A.R.M. at Ateneo challenged us to put up an outfit that would incorporate their products. Wasn't a really hard task for me because their items are known for playful colors and cute designs!

Top: Greenhills | Skirt & Oxfords: Thrifted
So with my outfit, I decided to play with colors too! Mustard, green and pink! What do you think? ;)

Eyewear: SM Accessories | Bracelet: F.A.R.M
Tulle skirt: Thirfted | Pouch and Keychain: F.A.R.M
Oxfords: Thrifted

So here are the F.A.R.M products that I wore! Matching color with my outfit bracelet and a pouch with a cutie voodoo doll-like keychain attached to it. Doesn't everything looks so unique and fab? and I've also heard that each and every piece are made uniquely, no item is made with the same design. So if you'd buy one, you'll be rest assured that you're the only one who has that design! Awesome, right? ;)

F.A.R.M's owner, Ms. Bidibidi, is a passionate artist and a social advocate especially in Baao, where she gathers hardworking and creative youth who cannot afford to go to school to help her create products in turn for a scholarship.

The F.A.R.M products are not only beautiful and trendy but is also coupled with a deeper value. It comes with the story of how Ms. Bidibidi has helped the students and people of Baao, and the environment as well. These stories travelled throughout the country and has reached the community of Ateneo de Naga, where her products are bought and her story appreciated.

And here's a photo with my co-A-Fash members who also joined the shoot, and the people behind F.A.R.M at Ateneo! Thank you guys, A-Fash is happy to help their co-Ateneans! ;)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Steffi! Got it from a thrift store! Hihi :3

  2. your skirt has the most gorgeous ash colors
    and I love you brighten it up with a mustard top :)

    F.A.R.M bracelet looks pretty!

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Love your comment dear! Thanks much!! <3

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Cutiee as always Yen! I love your shoes!! <3

    Style Escapades

  5. Sayang ate, 'di ako nakasama sa photo shoot! Hayst. Kinuha din akong model ni Auntie Bidibidi para sa F.A.R.M. nung summer. Mehehehe. It's sad na 'di ako nakasama sa inyo. :( Is it okay na gumawa rin ako ng sarili kong blog post about that? :))

    PS: I love your oxfords!! I also love the way you played with pastel colors. ☺

    Kae Trisha ♥

    1. Of course you can! ;) Thanks muuuch! Hihi :">

  6. love the shoes <3 san mo nabili? :)


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