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My biggest exposure as a blogger so far!! OMG~ Can you imagine me walking the runway with my height and awkward walk? Can’t believe I was able to walk the runway again after the Modeling 101. I thought that was my last! But thanks to this event, I was able to experience the runway again!!

Last Sunday, August 23, 2013, ten of the Bicol Fashion Bloggers were invited by the SM City Naga for an event for the techies! And I was lucky enough to lead these bloggers for this event. I never thought that opportunities would finally come to us, after a year of organizing and uniting a group of fashion bloggers here in Bicol.

Can’t hide my happiness! Haha. I was giggling here because I was shocked that my family is seated right in front of the runway! I just couldn't help myself. Haha. My mom is the one holding an iPad capturing me on the bottom left of the photo above. Support! Hihi. I’m really thankful that they were able to come and support me. They don’t usually support me with my blogging, because they kinda still don’t understand what I am doing. Mehehe~

As techies ourselves, we were given a chance by SM City Naga, with their sponsors, Comworks, Samsung, Alcatel, Starmobile and Smart to model gadgets! Before the event, we were given handsets to experience and tell what we love about the gadgets in the show. 

The first gadget for me was a Samsung tablet, but I was able to talk about my second gadget during the event, the Nokia Lumia 900 from Smart. What I love about this Windows Phone 7.8 handset, aside from its number of cool features, is its 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash camera that takes really clear photos, because you guys know that I'm really into taking photos. Next is its very classy look and its 4.3" AMOLED display that really looks good. And because I am a blogger, I really use my phone a lot, to update my followers, contact persons, etc. That's why I am thankful for the Nokia Lumia 900, because it has a long battery which will enable you to enjoy your phone all throughout the day! 

Know more about the gadgets that we modeled on ComWorks and Smart! or visit their branches on various SM Supermalls!

And here’s what I wore during the event! Our theme for the Fashion Bloggers Runway was pink and blue! We just had our outfit shoot inside the mall because we don’t have anywhere to go. Hihi. Would you believe I am wearing head-to-toe thrifted here? *wink* 

Necklace from 16th Street Boutique
Make-up by Watsons
Of course I opted to showcase my own style! Girly head-to-toe~ and my girly outfit would not be complete without bows! Bow hairclip & ring from Fingertip Accessories. Twisted bow belt from Genievive.

We're very thankful for all the people who made this all happen, especially to SM City Naga, Smart and ComworksIt was honestly a cloud 9 experience for us Bicol Fashion Bloggers, and I hope more opportunities would come to us after this big break! *u*
Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post! Hee~


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  1. Congrats, ate Jamie! (hehe FC 😃)
    Your outfit looks really good! Love your top and necklace 😊

    Xx, Trish ❤ (trishcaning.blogspot.com)

  2. Awww, I suddenly missed this event! Hehe. Thank you, Ate Jamie, for convincing me to join the Fashion Blogger's Runway. I really enjoyed this! Mehehehe.

    PS: Stop being pretty, I am so jelly. Hahahaha charot!!

    ♡ http://xkaetrisha.blogspot.com ♡

  3. Very Jamie outfit of course! :D

    - Didi of http://francesandflair.tumblr.com/

  4. You always find the best thrifted items :) Anyway,
    you look so pretty in the runway! Congratulations!

    ❤ Steffi xx http://missstylestunner.blogspot.com/

  5. Awwe, so sweet and supportive your fam is! Love your outfit! So girly~~ :">

    Sofia of A Bookworm's Closet


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